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Hey community!

It's been a bit since I've posted!l. Hope everyone is great and reaching SVR!

The reason for this post is I want to know how many post treaters have had to see a Rheumatologist, over bone pain and now pretty nasty degenerative joint disease in the pelvic, hip and knee joint areas?

Any additional info you want to provide is welcome....as always

Peace Hepcats

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What were the drugs you treated with?  And do you currently have this issues going on?
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I was on Sov/Riba.  Yep still experiencing the pain.  Going to call Monday and get an appt as soon as they can get me in.  Hope that they can tell me something!  Gettiń tired of this bone pain :'(

Hoping you are feeling ok my friend. Take care ok!
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I haven't gone to rheumatology but I did have a dexascan for bone density. Almostsixty's doctor had ordered one for her, saying Tx can affect bones. So I found out I have osteoporosis and ostepenia, which I am sure would have become painful eventually.
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I was on Harvoni for 12 wks, cleared right away, May 2015, and I was never sick and I feel fantastic.
Wow! ! That is Awesome.. Congratulations. .
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Such good news!  I cleared right away, 21 days into Tx.  Felt rejuvenated as well but as time went on not the same as before.
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Hi, FK,  glad to see you posting.  I haven't seen a Rheumatologist, but my PCP has ordered a bone density study - next week is the appt.

I cannot say definitely it is because of the Hep C meds - I had some thinning back in the early 90 s, but, since tx he felt it was, for sure, time to  'get 'er done' so I am.  I'll let you know the outcome and any causal info I get.

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I had intense bone pain in my right knee on the inside under a (one of many) patch of psoriasis that developed post-treatment.  Never did a bone density study - why would I?  My bone hurt.  What would they do about it anyway?  Put me on some drug?

The pain eventually faded away.  The weirdest thing was that it was a reiki session that commenced healing.  The thing hurt me really bad from Labor Day, 2009 until November 19, 2009 (I have reasons for knowing the dates) when it got so bad I couldn't sleep.  One reiki session - next day 50% better, next day gone.  Swear to God.  Sounds batty.  Totally true. It came and went a bit afterwards.  Hasn't hurt again for awhile.  

Doctors refused ot believe me when i told them my bone hurt - not my ligaments, not my joints - the bone.  I might as well have been talking to a wall.

Had bad pain in wrists and hands for about two years post treatment.   Had a massage therapist rub my wrists one day and next day all my finger joints had inflamed.  
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I saw a rheumatologist that put me on Enbrel.  My liver enzymes went higher than they ever had been.   One day I told him they were all crazy.  

First tthey gave me medicine to ramp up my immune system (INF / RVN)(of course without explaining that that's what it did).  Then they gave me medicine to suppress the immune system, while my body was still flipping out from first meds.  

I told him I refused to take any more meds.  I was pretty crippled from INF-induced arthralgia and myalgia but didn't care.  I lost all faith in doctors and was (and still am) literally scared of them.

He said, "OK. Well, take turmeric and read "In Defense of Food."  

Best advice a doctor ever gave me.

I had a friend.  All his hair fell out after a  car accident in which he was injured that caused stress from inability to work.  He went to doctors.  Got tests.  Was examined, poked, scanned, prodded, explored.  

They told him:  "You have alopecia."  

He said, "What's that mean?"

They said, "It means all your hair fell out."

Like I said, why get a bone scan?  Or an MRI for back pain?  Seriously.
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Hi Scottie......do you mind me asking what you treated with and when.
I did Riba/Interferon ...finished one and a quarter years ago and attained SVR
but feel like the plug has been pulled on my life and almost getting worse as if
something progressive was set in motion by the drugs. Have started on juicing, no dairy, no gluten, practically no meat and doing Chinese Herbs.
Have you managed to get your life back post treatment. ? Obviously you have used diet and turmeric....any other tips ?
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I've been seeing a rheumatologist for a couple of years now for cpdd/pseudo gout, bursitis, and osteoarthritis. I believe my Hep C and cirrhosis caused my bone and inflammation problems; not the Sovaldi/Olysio. However, the S/O did make the pain worse for a solid six months. I think this was due to extra inflammation.

I totally agree with Scottie in that the drugs they give us can make things worse. Even if you have a good liver, the new drugs like Enbrel can destroy it - or your kidneys.
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I'm 85% or so.  The inflammation lasts a while.  Just had to bear it out.  

There are some studies out of UC-Santa Barbara, I believe on, fasting to "reset" the immune system.  48 to 96 hour fasts can apparently "significantly reduce the mortality arising from chemotherapy."

here's an article referencing the study.  http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevensalzberg/2014/12/30/can-a-3-day-fast-reset-your-immune-system/

I went into hospital with sepsis three years after ending treatment.  11 days.  Lost 35 pounds.  Survived, barely.  It was weird because while my body was just wasted, I recall my mind feeling "reset" and feeling more mentally grounded than ever since the treatment.  About three months prior to hospitalization, I was about to give up.  So sick from treatment.

I was a big ox of a man.  Now I'm "sensitive".  Ha!

Consider applying for SSDI.
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I've had blood in my urine ever since treatment.  Doc says it's likely inflammation in kidneys.
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Congratulations on seeing it out and getting 85 % back. It is inspirational to hear . Grateful that you are still posting on this forum. Thanks Scottie ..
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Chronic lower back pain 20+ years even before PEG/riba '02 - '03.
Dx'd this year with Ankylosing spondylitis. Been treating several months with Adalimumab  -  not terribly impressed. Get better relief from anti-inflammatory and chiropractic. Probably not related to my HCV tx, but find it interesting that Rheumy doc wants me to do PCRs for HCV - even after 12+ years sustained response - while doing the Adalimumab immunosuppressant.
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Actually, Adalim' is classified as anti-inflammatory, but you have to be tested for TB and HBV before starting plus long list of questions re: where you've travelled, etc. so I'd say 'immunosuppressant'.
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I am 9 years after treatment and now I am doing diagnosys because I have signs of Ankylosing spondylitis.
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3. I have been seeing a Rhumotoligist ever since finishing treatment ended in 2012.. Degenerative disk disease, spinal stenos, Psoriatic arthritis,  osteoarthritis in knees. . fibromyalgia,  nothing good. I'm on Otezla Celebrex,  Cymbalta,  and Sulfasalizine. .. Too many. .
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