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How many of us post interferon sufferers have been diagnosed with CFS?ME?

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia about a year post interferon/ribavirin treatment 9 years ago. Do any of you think your symptoms match those of CFS/ME and how many of you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or IBS post treatment?
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Hi Otterwatcher... Have not been officially diagnosed with CFS but post interferon I have all the symptoms. In particular crashing after any exertion.  
On some days the simplest tasks seem impossible. Am 2 years out from treatment next month and beginning to realise that am not going to spring back to life like it was. It is a matter of adjustment and leading as healthy a life as possible. Would love to hear how everyone is doing as the boards seem a bit quiet. Best wishes to all.

Bruin, hope to be a bit more active... life does seem to be one fight after another though. I have a second property (my parents house (my mom is gone but dad is in a nursing home now)) and there was a major fire there - no one was injured... but it is just another thing to take lots of energy. Insurance will cover everything, not rebuilding, so will have a bit of funny money FOR LIFE now.

I have to make a new post - along the title of "Going Into the Lions Den" or something like that - very soon... so look forward to that. Something very exciting, maybe. take care all.
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The system here in the USA, when on medicaid - which I was on for treatment, is that you are automatically put into the system for Social Security Disability. This involves a very long process of Social Security automatically denying you then you getting a type of lawyer (no fee) then a long wait until you eventually see a Federal Judge.

After a two year wait I got full disability 100% based on the inability to stay awake long enough to work a full work week - basically the same diagnosis as CFS which my MD and Psychiatrist also diagnose me with.

At one point I had to fight for Vyvanse which was prescribed for me for CFS and won so the insurance company also agrees that I have CFS - all from HepC treatment.
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Good to hear from you Frank.....look forward the new post ! Best wishes to all.
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