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In Shock - Possible Cancer

My last post was about my fears of now having Lupus.  I talked to my PCP's nurse and made an appointment this week to investigate the possibility.  In the meantime, my six month wait for bariatric  surgery is nearly complete and my surgeon recommended a endoscopy to check out my portal vein prior to surgery.  I had it done yesterday and she found possible cancer or an ulcer in my stomach.  Doing my own research I've pretty much ruled out an ulcer so that leaves me with cancer.  The biopsy is due back in a few days so I should know this week.  I'm guessing lymphoma since that is related to the immune system.
Emotionally, I'm doing okay and will just keep moving forward and do what's recommended after I receive a final diagnosis.  I'm 57 years old and feel like I'm 80.  I really hope there is something that can be done to improve my quality of life.
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Hi, I am so sorry that you are going through this, Diana and Rubye are right.  It could be an ulcer.  I know how hard the waiting can be.  I hope you get an answer very soon.
Take Care
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Sorry to hear this, but hopefully it's not lymphoma, It's a serious shame they can't get the biopsy results to you sooner. If it should be cancer though, I've heard many good things about treatment and often they are able to get rid of it very quickly. Hang in there!
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Thank you for your reassurance and information.  I'm swing from extreme to the other and sometimes it's not very pretty.  This is going to be a long week.
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I know it is easy to say, but don't jump to conclusions.  There are so many reasons for a stomach ulcer. Even if it is lymphoma some of the gastric ones are treated with 3 weeks of antibiotics and 95% will go on remission.

I hope is nothing extreme like that
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