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Medicare hep c treatment

Are there any hep c treatments that Medicare part d will cover?
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You should probably check with Medicare to find out about their formulary. I know people have been treated with Medicare

Your doctors office should have information about this as well
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I found an article about your question

“Hepatitis C treatment: how to make sure your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan covers your medications
If you’re taking prescription drugs as part of your hepatitis C treatment or management, you might want to make sure that any Medicare plan you’re considering covers your prescription medications. It’s easy to look up this information by checking the plan’s formulary, or list of covered drugs.

Every Medicare plan that includes prescription drug coverage has a formulary, but the specific medications that are covered and their costs may vary by plan. A Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan or stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan may change its formulary at any time; however, the plan will notify you of formulary changes when necessary.

There’s an easy, quick way to see if your hepatitis C treatment prescription drugs may be covered by a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan in your area. Just click Find Plans or Compare Plans on this page, enter your zip code, and you should be able to click on a link that lets you enter your prescriptions.”
Thank you so much! I’m checking it now
Good luck let us know what you find out.

I did run across Florida’s formulary has Mavyret as approved but requires prior approval.
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