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Methylation and Genetic Mutations

While researching thyroid function I came across information concerning genetic mutations which affect methylation in the body. I had already done genetic testing via 123andme (because I wanted to look at my il28b allele) so I had all my raw genetic data available. Using the website GeneticGenie.org I translated this data into my methylation Profile and discovered that I have multiple mutations that affect my methylation and ability to use certain supplements, methylfolate being a huge issue (mine is low). Apparently these mutations are very common and most people have some degree of methylation impairment.

Here's a sample article on methylation.

Here's an indepth video by Dr Ben Lynch who is a leading researcher in this area.

I wouldn't be surprised if these mutations might be a reason why some people have difficulty picking up and restoring their health after tx. On an optimistic note, Dr Lynch says that much of this can be fixed and/or compensated for if you understand what you are doing.

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Thank you for sharing this information.  I'm glad you were able to find something.
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I wonder if this is why Cerefolin NAC helped Frank?  I was taking it but then stopped.  It was difficult to manage with my schedule of supplements.  Maybe I will start again, thanks again
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The Cerefolin NAC is a food grade RX.  There is a way to get a prescription from doctor.  While it can be obtained through manufacturer, if ins doesn't pay, it is about $189 for 3 months.  The manufacturer will split it up in to 3 monthly payments.  I would give up everything if I could function like I used to :)
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It is possible to get your methylation ability tested so that you are not just paying for supps that you might not need.  

For example, Genova offer some wide ranging tests that give a good possibility of finding where your imbalances are.  ie. their One test or their Nutreval tests.

They are not cheap but relatively they are good value.  Make sure that you will receive the page for 'Functional Imbalances'  which has on it your 'Mitochondrial Dysfunction' 'Need for Methylation' and 'Toxic Exposure'

There are probably other labs that also do this kind of thing if you look - particularly at websites geared towards nutritional issues.  

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Me too... :( I would give my sense of taste and all my money for being myself again...
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