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No answers in 2 months?

I posted over 2 months ago how Prednisone changed my life. 5 mg a day and after a week I felt like my old self after 15 years post treatment. It is a steroid but has the effect of lowering the immune system. Since I believed my fatigue is caused in part by an over active immune system it made sense to try it. My doc prescribes it but if yours won't you can get it on the internet easily.
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Your last post did not appear to have a question it seemed you were sharing information so that might explain a lack of comments.

Also not many folks hanging around the hep c forums these days. I am one of the few old timers still hanging around and I don’t really have any post treatment issues. I treated with interferon three times, Sovaldi and Olysio and relapsed and finally 24 weeks of Harvoni with ribavirin. I have cirrhosis and I’m 60 but other than that I feel fine.

Wishing you good health
Well thank you for your thoughts old timer lol. You still have at least 1 other old timer. I was treated in 2000 and 2003. Still in remission but I didn't come away unscathed. I'm so glad you did. God bless
The first time I treated  was about maybe 1994 or 95 with interferon monotherapy 3 shots a week with intron alpha and no other drug. Treated a couple of more times with interferon rivavirin I think the last time was 1994

I treated with Sovaldi and Olysio in early 2014 and relapsed

Retreated with Harvoni and ribavirin 24 weeks finished in May 2015

I think I joined this forum maybe in 2008 shortly after I was diagnosed with cirrhosis.

Hope you are able to find help with your ongoing symptoms

Best of luck to you

Old timer ;-)
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