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Nutrition,cirrhosis-hep encephalopathy study

I was hoping that all the cirrhotic patients on the board have heard of branched-chain amino acids.

Branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs have great studies behind them as a source of protein that cirrhotics benefit from and tolerate well. They are valine, leucine and iso-leucine and you can get them at GNC.

Go to pubmed and check out branched-chain amino acids and end-stage liver disease.

There are other things that would help, for instance phosphatidylcholine for your cell membranes and N-acetylcysteine for glutathione replacement.

Also google mitochondrial nutrients - B complex, betaine folic acid, alpha lipoic acid, etc. because HCV beats up your mitochondria.

All that should be taken in consideration of any meds you are on however

From Pubmed, A recent study came to these conclusions regarding the:

Dietary Management of hepatic encephalopathy revisited

This study illustrates some new conclusions regarding dietary management of advanced live disease, and this is study was just published:
1. reduction of protein intake is not useful for hepatic encephalopathy
2. oral supplementation of branched-chain amino acids has a role not only for its nutritional effect in cirrhosis per se, but also for its effect in reducing the risk of recurrence of hepatic encephalopathy
3.alterations in gut microbiota develop in parallel with decompensation of cirrhosis, and modulation of gut microbiota may be effective for treating and preventing hepatic encephalopathy
4. prebiotics and probiotics are useful for this aim
5. micronutrient deficiency, which is common in end-stage liver disease has adverse effects on the brain and may either directly cause encephalopathy per se, or interact with mechanisms leading to hepatic encephalopathy.

So this study is saying, do not restrict protein, but do take BCAAs and definitely take probiotics and also supplements that you are deficient in - I have already posted some of those above.

I hope that helps,

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That link you provided....I posted something about that trial years ago when it happened. These men's bodies swelled to about double their size, complete organ failures.

It was a chilling account, and one of the really chilling thing was that they did the trial to some extent in one location and at one time.

These men were dosed one after the other, and then started soon thereafter having horrendous reactions. Can you imagine watching it happen to one of the trial participants, and then waiting for it to happen to you?

I think that in retrospect they decided that it would have been much safer/smarter to dose the poor souls at intervals.

Somewhere on the internet there may yet be an account, but I can no longer provide you the account I originally linked.


Terrible story. I was just starting to look into trials at that time.

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Sorry, I posted that reply into the wrong thread, I have asked for the post to be deleted.
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Thank you for the information. I have been reading about the BCAA as well as some of the other supplements you listed, good information.
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You are welcome - BCAAs are so beneficial that it is hard to make a case against using them especial for ESLD patients
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I would just like to say that based on my husband's history with ESLD,followed by liver transplant, severe recurrent Hep C and bile duct damage leading to advanced liver disease again, NO ONE should take ANYTHING without consultation with their doctor especially those with ESLD. I know we are all well intentioned but we need to careful with our advice.

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Hi again, I wanted to mention that since November I have been making Whey smoothies with vegetables, fruits and nuts with a much cheaper Nutribullet knock off.
The whey contains BCAA's and I have noticed that if I miss one I don't seem to have the same energy that day.

I have also read that BCAA's are healthy for the liver. Once I was cured of the HCV my doctor said that this would be fine for me.

Of course everyone is different and results will vary.  For me it is really helping.

Thank you again
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Hi I did a search and see that people were talking about this in 2011. There may be more.
Sending to you because there a several links with more information that Eureka sited back then. Interesting, her links are about halfway down the page.  If just one I would have sent that

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does anyone know whats the recomendet dosage from the bcaas in cirrhotics?
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Hi Rex, I drink whey protein every morning for breakfast, along with fruits and veggies.  The whey protein contains BCAA's, I think it helps me quite a bit.

Good luck
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Hello dee,

thank you for your tip.I will give it a try with capsules wich contains just these 3 amino acids,my Hepatologist said it's o.k to take.
how are you doing Dee? I hope you're o.k.

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Hey Rex! I am glad you checked with your doctor, I should have said that, sorry.
One thing that made me come back was to mention that when I was diagnosed with HCV my hematologist (blood specialist) told me that taking Advil paralyzed the platelets for 3 days and aspirin paralyzed them for a week.
Not to suggest taking them but if you are it is something to think about as they can lower your platelets.

Take Care Dee
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