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Parkinson's Dianosis after treatment of Interferon/Ribavirn

My husband was treated for Hep C in 2000/2001 he was treated with Ribavirin and Interferon.  We got an all clear.  He has worked extrememly hard to overcome the side effects of constant body aches, joint pain and exhaustion.  I noticed about 3 years ago his forgetfullness, poor judgement had shaking and many other problems.  After a small vehilce accident I demanded he go to dr.  We now know that he has Dementia with the onset of Parkinson's.  my questions is this has anyone else been diagnosed with this.  Parkinson's does not or has not been in his family history.  Dementia is a another catch all with parkinson's.
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Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your husband. I have not heard of this but that doesn't mean anything. I will try to search for information and get back to you.

After I treated it took me years to improve. I later read that the interferon depletes many important vitamins and minerals from our body. I started using calcium, magnesium, B12, Vitamin D, a daily vitamin.  

I have read a B12 deficiency can mimic dementia as can other nutrients. Again, I will search and get back to you.
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It's been awhile since I treated so forgot one of the most important things. I read that interferon could deplete our dopamine levels.  That is our feel good chemical and I believe that one 1,000%  I started taking Tyrosine as that is supposed to help our brain produce the dopamine.

As I searched just now I found this article that reminded me.
At first I searched for interferon Parkinsons, then tried Hep C Parkinsons. I see a lot of scientific studies which of course I don't understand but found this. I'm sure there are others. Again, I'm very sorry. There were many things we weren't told before the treatment.  
Probiotics can be very helpful as well.  After I finished tx, I just stared in to space, had no energy, etc.

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