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Post Virus Syndrome?

i recently got this idea:
could it be that the symptoms come from an angry immune system searching for targets?
look, we had an aggressive virus that persisted for years and got into a fine balance with the immune system.
Cytokine levels on one side against virus particles on another side. Like on a scale. Then, there was TX and one side of the scale now equals zero. on the other side is still the highly sensitive immune system that now attacks the body because there's no real enemy anymore where all the energy could get into. So, the energy is still the same, but gets right into the mind, the body and whatelse.
Just a thought... if i'm right, how to calm down the immune system?
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I have many peoples posts over the years.  One thing that is suggested is to go on an ant-inflammatory diet.  Our bodies can become inflamed so then we get joint pain.  It is worth a try.  I have seen others discuss a Paleo Diet.  It is something to consider.
Many here have gone to rheumatologists to see if there was something there.
Good luck, Dee
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Above, it was supposed to say I have seen many posts over the years that speak to this problem
thanks for the answer... i stay away from gluten as much as possible but since i'm cut short on money it's not easy because the glutenfree stuff is somewhat expensive, however i too try to decrease inflammation with Prednisolone and it helps.... i'm (like Frank) on stimulants (s.th. like adderall) and it helps with energy and focus. I stay on this combination as long as i'm not discovering anything other lifechanging substance that helps at the core of the "disease" or whatever you'll call this state...
good luck to everyone, we will not give up!
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