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When will my "Happy" come back?

I am 20 months EOT now, and besides persistant buzzing in my ears which started 1 week into treatment, my other main complaint is my almost total inability to feel happy. I have read that interferon interferes with dopamine, does anyone know when the "Happy" comes back? I am still thankful I did the treatment when and how I did especially since I was genotype 4, and that I SVRd. Would like to feel happiness more though. Any thoughts?
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I started taking a small dosage of Lexipro (10 mg) and I think it has helped. It is an anti-depressant but even if one is not prone to depression, dealing with Hep C and treatment and yes, I'll say it, looking your mortality square in the face, would bring anyone down

Try to take in everything  by really paying attention. Sights, sounds, smells, a simple meal with family or friends. You can't do this (be present) if your head is down

Sorry to hear that you are feeling down but you will be happy again

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

~ Linda
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Am just cheering you on Sandi. I have given myself a lot of grief trying to get happy again.. What Linda says is so true.. Paying close attention and taking everything in is the best route. Wishing you all good things and a happy 2016.    Simon
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