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cognitive decline post interferon therapy

Not a question but an interesting article re cognitive decline after interferon. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25326107
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After 18 months, 42.5% remained neurocognitively impaired, independent of viral clearance, severity of liver disease, and current depressive symptoms.
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Thank you I am going there now.  Did I mention that l'tyrosine can help with dopamine which interferon reduces?  I read an article about it.
Thanks again, Dee
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thanks Dee
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I did 48 weeks of Interferon, along with 48 weeks of Riba, and 12 weeks Incivek. I completed Tx on August 26, 2012.

While my cognitive impariment definitely improved as the months went by following Tx, I still have have some lingering cognitive impairment from Interferon Tx.

I started doing research and began adding various supplements as well as tweaking my diet, having a longer fasting time at night, getting enough rested sleep, stress reduction, doing brain exercises, and getting plenty of exercise. I started to notice some improvement.

Then,  last Feb. I came across the following article on a novel therapeutic approach to mild cognitive decline (from Univ. of So. CA). I looked at it and realized that I am doing almost everything on their list. Their theory is that  no one thing on the list will significantly improve the cognitive function, but maybe combining many things that improve cognitive function in insignificant amounts (by themselves) will significantly improve cognitive function if many of the things are followed, like throwing the kitchen sink at the problem.

Personally, I think they are on to something.  I have gradually noticed more and more improvement in my cognitive function.

It is a long article, but it is well worth reading. Most of the suggestions can be done by anyone. I did not do the things that require physician monitoring (one would have to have a doctor will to do it and an insurance company willing to pay), but the vast majority of the things can be done by individuals without physician monitory.  

"Reversal of cognitive decline: A novel therapeutic program"
by Dale E. Bredesen


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wow pooh that is a great link!
when my treatment doesn't work i will do everything described there, really great to read!
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I thank all of you for this thread.
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Dear Pooh, thank you so much for sharing this information, I am going to read it now.  I have tried many things, at first NADH, then B12 Vit D with regular vitamins.  Then I read about probiotics and how the gut being healthy is the most important.  I have changed my diet to more whole foods, admittedly a little more expensive but I would have given anything to get rid of the brain fog or ability to remember or retrieve words.
Everything I did helped but I am always looking for more information.  The last thing I found was that interferon can reduce our Dopamine level, our feel good chemical in the brain. L'Tyrosine is supposed to increase our Dopamine.  I believe it is helping me quite a bit.  I try to share with everyone having problems.  Nothing irritates me more than some doctor who says, oh it doesn't cause that, when it clearly states neuropsychiatric problems with interferon.
Again, thank you so much for the information.  You are so very kind to share with us
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Hi there!  I just read this, thanks so much for sharing this information, I really appreciate so much!!
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Wow Pooh that is an enlightening article!
It is amazing to see what supplements and lifestyle changes had on the folks in the case studies. And how medicine initially was unable to help.
It's not easy to do research when one is in that kind of place.
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I came across this again and found it very helpful. I hope it helps someone else.
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