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has anyone else tried kombucha?

Since completing triple tx with a study drug from Boehringer Ingelheim and relapsing I have been attempting to get back to and maintain relative good health.  I am a genotype 1a infected for 38 years so my symptoms are slowly getting worse and I also suffered from many severe tx side effects, the worst being joint/muscle pain, fatigue and brain fog.  I try to remain active by walking the dog daily and going to the pool to float around.  I take supplements & vitamins and try to eat healthy.  I also look after my husband and two kids (17 & 12).  My question is about kombucha and whether any of you have tried it.  Would it be beneficial and is it safe for use during tx?  Has anyone had a bad experience or reaction to it?  I'd like to add it to my arsenal and maybe raise awareness for those of you who may benefit.  
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Kombucha has alcohol content. Wait until after treatment.
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I have tried it before tx. It made absolutely no difference. And has lots of sugar in it, not to mention the resulting alcohol.

I would not do it again.
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Hi I had never heard  of it so looked it up and came up with this from the Mayo Clinic.  I hope it helps you.

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Kombucha is a fermented product.
Therefore it also contains alcohol,
and might not be that great for cirrhotics
and may also impact upon B-12 vitamin levels. (which could be low anyway if one has liver disease)

If one was cirrhotic it might slow any liver regeneration, might make it worse. or could also interact with such things as tylenol.  The amount of alcohol can vary as well as the daily intake of the fermented tea.

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