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ibuprofen a solution for post treatment symptoms

recently i discovered that the use of Ibuprofen (1200mg/d) dimishes the severity of symptoms by nearly 80%!!!
i had to quit it because i have a PET scan next week and the drug would possibly interfere with the test. but when the test is over i'll get on it as fast as possible!! others: try it out and post your experiences!!!
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ok, i'm on it again and i wonder myself why in gods name nobody on this board ever tested this drug!!! i mean, it's the solution for PIS! it solves more than 80% of the post treatment symptoms !
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this is so easy
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I was told that Ibuprofen was toxic to one's liver and that I could Never take it although, honestly, I miss the Advil more than I miss drinking. Has something changed that now it is acceptable? My doc says acetaminophen only (Tylenol) which does nothing for pain in my view. His reasoning is that Advil is more likely to cause a bleed out. Plus the fact that I have cirrhosis and portal hypertension
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