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why you should try it said ymp?

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this is amazing ,
can i ask you two things?
1) remove your caps lock
2)provide evidence

thanks i await your reply
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Please dont post wrong information about not to use interferon. this is the ONLY thing PROVEN to cure HCV when used along with Ribavirin.

did you ever think you may have been in the accute stage of the disease and cleared it on your own? Or the test was a false positive. This does happen to around 15% of people with HCV.

Does YMP stand for "You Must be Pipe dreaming"
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Congrats on being one of the 15/20% lucky enough to be diagnosed in the acute stage.  That's terrific news and you were very luck!
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Isn't funny after frauds are reveiled the flood gates open.
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Congrats Ymp and welcome.  The Caps do not bother me-I'm not nit picky.  Tai Chi is very therapeutic, diet is important as well.  Have you tried Tai Kwon do?   Could you enlighten me on your diet?  You can message me and type in Caps .  I try to be open minded and am extremely interested in what anyone has to say especially those who achieved a cure for Hep. C.  
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Caps is just bad internet forum because it is meant to imply yelling......there are too many people on here suffering horrible side effects and ribarage to have this happen on a frequent basis.

There is no cure for HepC except SOC (plus a PI).
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I saw a post of yours where you said:

"....I was not wise like you.  I drank a six pack after work, got on
ADs and pain meds for my back.  Heck, why not?  I was so called
cured.  Okay so thats what I thought."


Even if a person doesn't have Hepatitis C this type of lifestyle can also result in significant liver damage so abusing alcohol post SVR is a very poor choice. I would advise that you not include a daily six pack in your diet if you are serious about your liver health. SVR does not insulate you against liver injury of any type and alcohol abuse is a well known insult to the liver. You abuse of alcohol after SVR is more likely the cause of your current liver condition than is HCV if indeed,you are SVR.

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And we still have a MUCH  higher incedence of liver cancer to deal with than the normal population - that in itself would scare me straight if i was an alcoholic without doubt.  After watching someone die of HCV..........it's not the way a person wants to go.
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thanks Mike, thats why I posted what I did, so others could learn not to do what I did to myself and I don't drink alcohol anymore.  Last time I tried I was sick for days.  I read several posts a couple of weeks back about people wanting  to drink when the are SVR.  I have a friend in Va that had a transplant over a year ago and he had alcoholic cirrhosis and he asked me if drinking would hurt him!  I said yes.  He asked why?  I have a new liver...go figure.  Thanks for your input.
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Is this an add for Yugandan?
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Marcia, what is Yugandan ?  
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It's a Chinese herb. I don't know anything else about it.
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Try google Yugandan...

It i impossible to find any valuable links.

You can't even find it on Wikipedia. nix, nada

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For Seven months prior to succumbing to treatment, I tried many alternative medicines, some experimental, some standard of care in other counties....I had some optimistic results, but nothing completely erased my viral load. The Sho-Saiko-To (Japanese/ chinese SOC for chronic heppers) improved my liver enzymes (cut AST and ALT levels in half), the milk thistle didn't seem to do much besides make my urine smell weird, and an experimental cure (effective in dog labs for cancerous liver tumors) of IV germanium made my VL drop from 265,000 to 40,000...I committed myself to getting in the best physical shape possible, boosted my vitamin and mineral intake, and eliminated anything (had a bad gallbladder out) that had the potential of interfering with viral clearance...and then I took the plunge and am SVR as a result...
I would advocate the use of these alternatives if a hepper is unable to do treatment, or is waiting for the "new and improved" stuff to come out...But a word of caution to those who wait...The status of your immune system and the ability to fight off (or keep "dormant" hep C in the corner) viruses can change at any time. The odds are in your favor if you are able to withstand treatment while your body is fairly healthy, than when you have developed an underlying health condition that will make your liver work that much harder to eradicate the hep C...~MM
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HCC is not something that should be joked about or snarked about in any respect.  If you've ever seen what it can do to someone.......you would not wish it on your worse enemy in the world. Ever.  You can caplock and anything you want to make it a personal attack but after watching a lovely young mother of two young girls die of this disease (who hadn't even known she was HCV positive until her diagnosis) I can tell you that nothing will make me joke about this disease for anything in the universe.  There is a time and a place and when it comes to this it just is not appropriate in any respect.
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