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From the Netherlands, a few questions about vx-950

Hi Everyone,

My name is Eduard, and I am from the Netherlands. I have a few questions about vx-950.
In march-april 2005 I was in a 14 day trail with a mono study Telaprevir (32 persons in Germany and the Netherlands)
At that moment Telaprevir was a powder, and they mix it with water,two times a day 1250mg.

My medical situation went completley different than all the others. . After six months still 99% of the virus was gone. Between month 6 and 9 my virus went up, but still 93% was gone.  
In January 2006 I started with pegasys during 52 weeks, the last 18 weeks it was a combi with Riba. The cure went well, it was never critical. And after 30 weeks I got help from Effexor.  In a few days  I will get my 6 months after treatment test.

Since a few weeks I see on the English websites news about VX-950 that is less hopeful. Can someone write  in short what are the problems with vx-950 ?

But for me the most important question is, are there more persons in vx-950 trails in America with a different reaction ?

From the Netherlands, greetings Eduard
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After enough people have completed Phase 3 trials to establish a large statistical base, someone will have to make a decision on whether any increase in long term SVR numbers is worth the trade off in rash problems other possible side effects compared to SOC.
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What are the rash problems, is this a big problem ? Sorry things went to fast for me at this moment
I can,t remember me that there were any rash problems in the 14 days phase 2 trials in Germany and the Netherlands.
What means SOC ?
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SOC = Standard Of Care  in other words, the regular treatment most doctors prescribe - pegylated IFN with ribavirin.
I haven't been following the VX trials that closely, but apparently there have been reports of a rash bad enough to discontinue treatment or use steroids to control it. There are a couple members of this board who have experience with this and can give you more from personal experience and statistics.
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hi eduard. the study in england/ europe (prove 2) had a group that got peginterferon and telaprevir without riba. those folks don't seem to be doing very well.  seems the study consensus for type 1 so far is soc for 24 weeks, with telaprevir for the first 12 weeks. i'm in the prove 1 study. was und after 21 days. did 12 weeks telaprevir and 48 weeks soc. going for 2 month post tx bloods this week.  sx were bad but manageable. had the rash, nausea and gastrintestinal problems. i think 9% stopped tx early due to the rash.  looks like the svr rate will be between 80 and 90%. more results should be released in november.
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