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I am worried about hep c exposure


In early March I came in contact with semi-dry blood on toilet paper at a workplace restroom. I reached out to grab toilet paper and touched the bloody spot that appeared to be dry. I did not use the paper. I walked out of the bathroom and washed my hands twice with soap. In early April as a part of my annual check up i got an STD panel test which included Hep C. At the time it came back negative. I did not know at the time that it takes 3 months for hep c to show up in your system. Now i am really worried that i might have gotten hep c, because soap is not enough to kill the virus. Please help, I am extremely worried that I got Hep C.
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HCV is transmitted by blood to BLOOD contact; touching other’s blood will not be an issue. Your fear, while it might be real to you isn’t rational. Relax, and discuss the particular risk with your doctor at your next scheduled check up or visit.

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Hep C will only be transmitted blood to blood , so if you have an open wound there may be some concern of course.
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I agree. The other person's blood has to get into your blood stream before the virus can infect you. From what you say, that didn't happen, so you don't need to worry about that.
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In early April as a part of my annual check up i got an STD panel test which included Hep C. "

Wow you are truly the first person I've ever heard of who had an HCV test done as a part of an STD panel in history. You must have incredible insurance why my exhusband had the disease and still I had to beg for my doctor to approve it!
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I had am exposed cuticle on my left hand at the time of the exposure. It was not bleeding. I also do not  recal any bleeding cuts etc... My other question is what is the chance of hep c transmission to a child. I had a fried who had non bleeding cut on her hand feed my five year old  a sandwich while we were visiting. She gave it to my daughter who ate it immidietly.  Can she transmit hep c that way.
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No, even if your friend was bleeding on the sandwich your five year old ate, your child is still safe. The blood has to go straight into the other person's blood stream, like if one person used a toothbrush, their gums bled, then another person used the same toothbrush not long after, and their gums bled, and that would only be a slight chance. The biggest chance of getting it is sharing IV needles because the needle goes straight into one person's vein and then into another person's vein.
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