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1 month relapse post tx

I just completed 48 wks of pegintron / rebatol and was  nondetectable since week 12 of tx. I did not miss a dose and I do not drink, quit smoking 2 years ago and do not do drugs. I am geno 1b. I have relapsed my doc wants me to regain my strength as tx was very very hard on me and go see him on March 31st and do another viral load then. I understand sometimes 2nd round of tx can be a charm but in shock I do not know what to do or if I can stand another round I am a positive person and just need some advise. When do they normally start round etc. in advance thank you. New to this forum but not to hep c. Hope to make new friends.
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SO sorry to hear that.  Sorry to have no info on second round, I'm a geno 1a doing tx for the first (please God for the only) time.  But you have found a good place, and lots of folks here can give you good information, laughs, sympathy and a shoulder to cry on.  

For now, just do what it takes to get stronger, you've been thru hell.  Be gentle with yourself.  

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welcome, i too am from katrina country, sorry about the relapse, i know the stress about hep c and katrina. i continued tx and did 96 wks without stopping.  svr now, i tolerated the meds pretty well. dont give up you were und at week 12 and u will be und again, maybe u just needed to tx a little longer.  good luck and let me know how it goes.  
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Thank you so much for your kind words I will pray you only have to this once. If you ever have questions about tx I am here for you I had many side effects and really bad ones it is always helpful relating to peopl;e who understand.
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even if you have advanced liver damage i would wait for new drugs.
this is my personal opinion and i am not a doctor. odds of success go down quite a bit for multiple tries. you bought yourself some time with this 48 week treatment.
wait for the upcoming vertex phase 3 drug trial or fda release of new drugs.
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Thanks for your encouragement. Where at in katrina country I am in Slidell we are somewhat coming back but still some messed up areas. Luv to all of you.
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Very sorry about your relapse, geno 1's still only give 50-50 odds with SOC drugs.

Moving forward, first you want to decide whether to treat right away or perhaps wait for newer drugs or perhaps even enter a trial like Telaprevir for previous non-responders.

A lot will depend on how much liver damage you have (time to wait or not), how you handled side effects during tx, as well as an analysis of what actually went wrong last time as best as can be done.

You mentioned you took all the drugs as required, but were you on the correct doses, when did you become UND, how often did they test viral load, did your treatment team do all they could for you? Perhaps, you want a second opinion at this time to allow a new and objective medical team review your entire history and offer their recommendations. If you go this route, you would want to see a liver specialist (hepatologist).

-- Jim
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