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12 days on HARVONI...Labs = NOT DETECTED

Hi Everyone,

I started my Harvoni 24 week Treatment on 1/8. Went in Monday, 26th for my major 90 day Hospital Check-up. Got Labs on MyChart today...RNA Viral Load...NOT DETECTED. Now my Doctor had told me that would probably be the case as my Viral Load was never over 15,000 for at least the past 9 months.  But I have to say, I am truly amazed! I still have to run the 24 weeks based on the severity of my Cirrhosis, and then tested every 60 days for a year, but God I'm pleased with this drug! Anyone have this experience?

Wishing everyone the best.

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Sorry, that caption should have read 21 days, not 12.....oops..
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That's great!
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That's great!!  I wish you the best, and hope you're officially SVR by this time next year!
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Way to go. I 'm as tickled for you as I am for me 12-week EOT UND
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I am on Harvoni for 12 wks and I went in for testing at 3 wks and tested UND also.  YAY Harvoni.
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Andy that's Awesome news.
We are so lucky to be given a 2nd chance at life.
May the trend continue.
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Hi Andy ...this is really positive news, soooo happy for you!
Keep fighting the fight !
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Hi Andy

GT 1a multi tx null responder with cirrhosis pre tx viral load 2.4 million I was UND at 4 weeks of treatment. Pretty exciting stuff yop!

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That's great!

So, do you feel any different in your undetected mode? More energetic?
I have only been undetected once in the last, I dunno, 30 years or so and there was this moment when I was treating with S/O where I had this sort of "elation" after becoming undetected

Couldn't figure out if it was that I was so excited to be undetected or whether ridding your body of the virus has a pronounced effect on how you feel - despite the side effects of treatment

What do you think? I'm hoping that you and Lynne and others who are undetected can feel something different going on and that it feels great!

I just can't tell you how happy I am for you. On to SVR!

~ Linda
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In response, yes I do feel much better. I read a post some time ago, and someone commented that ALL of their blood labs had improved significantly when they started Harvoni.

Mine absolutely floored me. I have suffered 3 massive bleeds in Jan, Feb and March 2014m and have been fighting Acute Chronic Anemia ever since (inclusive of the 2 dozen transfusions they gave me at the time).

Look at my results from March and December of last year, and now 3 days ago:

                Mar '14          Dec'14          Jan 26th
WBC         4.5                  4.7                  6.9
RBC          2.81                3.93                4.69
Hbg           8.3                 12.6               15.2
Hct           24.1                36.1               41.9
RDW        16.8                17.0               14.5
Plt Ct        61                   91                111    

My Glucose, BUN, Creatinine, Potassium and Albumin - All in Range.
My Sodium is actually Low and my Tot. Protein is high due to my Dr.s rec. to cut down carbs and take some weight off. My Enzymes are only a few points high, but half what they were in Dec,

The only adverse effect was an increase in my Bilirubin from 0.91 (Fec - in range) to 1.51 (above range). This increased my MELD 2 point.  However, it's really to be expected. Both a sudden decrease in average caloric intake and increased protein levels will increase Bilirubin regardless of liver disease. And when Harvoni (or any other drug therapy) is actively attacking the Hep C Virus, Bilirubin can rise.

With a solid gain in Albumin from 3.0 to 4.0 from Dec to Jan. and all other Metabolics  in range the increase in Bilirubin and resulting increase in MELD is not of major concern at this time. Follow up labs in 6 weeks will signal some other factor.

I am just amazed at the dramatic IMMEDIATE improvement of all of my concerning factors.

This drug, in my humble opinion is truly Heaven sent for the thousands and thousands of us who one year ago had only grim and troubling options available.

Remember, always analyze your labs like a hawk!

As always, I wish everyone the best.


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what is the Mar '14, Dec '14 and Jan 26th of your ALT and AST?
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In response    AST    75      85       49

                       ALT    79       79       42

My liver enzymes never sky rocket into the several hundreds lie some peoples do. That stands true prior to 1/13/14 (my sobriety date) and after. They dance around a little like everyone's. But even when I was drinking a number of 125 or so was very high for me, and even then they came right down with a few days off the drink.

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Hey Andy, I am so happy to hear this great news!  Your numbers look good
This is so different than what the old drugs did to blood work.  I remember my WBC being very low on tx.
This is wonderful, congrats!
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Good news and I am very happy for you and for us all. I should be starting Harvoni very soon!
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Wow Andy your blood work numbers really improved drastically.  Congratulations!  Hopefully I will be taking Harvoni shortly and rid myself of this Hep C.  Best of luck


Hey Carl...good luck on Harvoni!
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