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12 week test results confused!

I have Hep C Geno 2b. No liver problems. Very slightly elevated alt/ast before treatment, picked up in a cholesterol test. My VL was 2,300,000 when TX began in Sept.  At 4 weeks VL was less than 10 iu/ml, and I was tracked for 12 weeks TX.  As of yesterday (which was 12 weeks) my VL is up to 250 iu/ml using quantasure plus.  I'm very confused about these results and can't see/talk to gastro till appt. Did my VL really go back up? Is this a significant presence or below threshold of the test?
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what is the range for that test?
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The HCV QuantaSure
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They have not sent me the paper yet.  I just got a call.  The previous quantasure plus tests (I had 2) say "This test measures HCV RNA in international units (IU) per mL using real-time polymerase chain reaction technology.  It quantitates HCV RNA from 10 to 100,00,000 iu/ml."
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You said you were 'tracked' for 12 weeks. Did you continue the meds for those 12, and on schedule?  Are you still on the meds now?
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Re-reading your post it seems like you've had 3 pcrs, pre-tx, 4 wks and 12 wks. Were all 3 at the same place and did all 3 perscriptions order the same test?
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I guess I was not totally cogent.  I was told that because I was type 2b that if I had evr at 4 and 12 they would discontinue tx after week 12 since svr is statistically the same for those with VR 24 weeks and those at both 4 AND 12 weeks.  

All tests were ordered by the same gastro and done by Labcorp, Kansas City.

Baseline lab 2,332,000 (August 18)

The 4 week lab said <10 iu/mL

I have not seen the 12 week lab (Dr. got results yesterday and nurse called) but they said they were 250 iu/mL.  

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My 24 wwk pcr comes up next week, I was undetectable at 12 weeks. Just for reference I would have liked to have gotten a 4-wk; my doctor said no and at the time I was so beat up with sx, I couldn't fight him.
Since usual testing is at 12 wk, we really don't have alot data tracking more frequent pcrs. I've heard of incidents where a person was undetectable at 4 wks, a rise in vl at 8 wks, then undetectable again at 12 wks; then stayed clear.
So my question is: could there be more ping ponging of the vl in the earlier weeks of tx, like a battle that keeps changing fronts; until there's a winner.    Peace
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Makes sense, doesn't it? Pre tx VL's jump all over the place. So, why not as you're crossing that threshold into Un-Detectable?
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I think you would have to wait to see the paperwork before anyone could give you a definitive answer.

Not to be a killjoy, but if you've had a breakthrough you could show undetected at week 4 and then have a higher viral load at week 12.

Can you call your dr's office and ask the nurse for clarification?  If it was me the unknowing would drive me insane.

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Sorry about the test results, I know how stressful and confusing this can be. To help clarify things...

1) Were both the tests from the same lab?
2) What dose meds were you on and was it the same for the entire 12 weeks?
3) Are you still continuing with the meds? I assume you are since the plan was only to stop if you were clear at week 4 and 12, which it appears you may not be.

In any event, I wouldn't wait for your appointment but would want to talk to the doctor or NP right away. At this point, even if you're non-detectible next week, it sounds like you'll need a longer course of treatment depending on when you clear. If a follow-up PCR is still positive, you might a different dose of meds or a different peg. It all depends on how agressive you want to treat and your biopsy stage, how well you're tolerating treatment, and other personal factors may figure into that.

To add to what Coug said about frequent PCR's. I was 18 IU/ml at week 3 but 101 IU/ml at week 5. I cleared at week 6 (<5 IU/ml) and have remained clear through my last test at week 37. So it's possible the ping pong game is still being played and your next PCR or two should tell the story.

All the best and hopefully things will work out fine.

-- Jim
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The above assumes of course that you are interpreting the test results correctly. Like MrsOckert said, first find this out by speaking directly to your doc or NP. This is not the time to be patient and understanding about your doctor's busy schedule.
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are you ok?  
Thinking about you lately...I will try and find your #, my car is a mess and lost my address book in there. It might take a while...Tnguy posted a link to a case where the man got SVR but still tested + for cryoglobulins, I thought about your concerns, check it out when you can.
be well
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