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1st day

Hi, my name is Ron and this is my first day of treatment. I took the pills at 7 AM and will do the injection at 7PM.

Very apprehensive.
Any suggestions or hints to make this journey a bit easier. Feel free to e-mail me at

And thanks for any support.
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I wish you the best of luck.  It really seems that the best part of tx (other thenb attaining SVR) is connecting with the wonderful supportive people of this forum.
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As mentioned above prepare for the side effects the best you can, and I wish you the Best of Luck!
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Good luck Ron.  Many of us have done treatment in the forum and been cured.  You can do it too!!
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Welcome. Ask Your doc if you can E mail him My DR. Let's me E mail and it is so nice to ask be able to communicate with him when I need to.   Get a pill box,..... read everything you can about the treatment . Whenever you get side effects post them you will get lots of advise on how to treat them . Welcome again and good luck.
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Good luck with your tx. Ron and welcome to the zoo..

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which Genotype are you?  which meds are you taking?  some generic things are the following:

Drink pleanty of water.

Get your rest when you need it.

Keep your doctor informed of any side effects as soon as they come up, they can roll out of control quickly.

there are alot of people who know alot about this treatment here, even when I talk to my doc, I usually check here to confirm whats been discussed.

Get copies of your lab reports, if you have questions on them, post it here.
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Welcome! My last shot is the 29 th of this month.

Use Biotene
Drink lots of water, lots
Use netflicks or a movie channel
Get a crockpot, putting a meal together sometimes gave  me nausea  
Check in with the forum when you need help or have questions
Remember you goal
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on starting treatment.

First, which pills are you taking? It helps us to know what you are taking so we can better respond to your questions.

We were all apprehensive before starting treatment. I think it is pretty normal to feel apprehensive.

As far as side effects, everyone is different. Some people get some not so pleasant side effects and others seem to go through treatment with few side effects. Also, the side effects do vary in intensity and also duration. They tend to come and go.

I guess I would recommend drinking plenty of water. My doc siad to drink a gallon a day (which is a lot of water).

Also, try to eat normally, or at least a variety of good helthy foods. Many of us lose our appetites on treatment but it is important to eat solid decent food.

If you get any side effects, please post on the forum and we will offer our suggestions and remedies. One important thing is to get on top of the side effects right away (if you get them) because they tend to snowball if you do nothing about them.

If you get a rash, watch it closely and tell the doctor about it right away. The rashes tend to progress rapidly and you want to treat them right away to keep them in check. Many do not get a rash, but I wanted to mention it in case you do.

Many people take either a tylenol or some other over the counter pain medication when they take their injections. (Clear any meds with your doctor to be sure it is okay.) Personally, I take a tylenol 325 mg. a half hour before the injection and another one about an hour after the injection.Often I take one the following morning too. They help with the flu like symptoms.

I did not really have bad side effects to the injections. I mainly got the flu like symptoms, fatigue, malaise, aches, slight headache, no motivation, etc. Hopefully your symptoms will be mild.

If you are on Incivek, post and there will some extra tips for handing the possible Incivek side effects.

If you want to post your statistics (starting Viral Load, Genotype, whether you ave treated befor and what response you had, your biopsy results (stage and grade), and which medicatins you are taking, frijole will add you to her spreadsheet. She is keeping track of how we do.

Here is a link to her profile and the spreadsheets are in the photo section. Click on them and you can see how many of us are doing.


I wish you the very best of luck.

Keep in touch on the forum. There are many very, very knowledgeable people on the forum who can answer your questions.

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If you are doing the prefilled syringes the connection between the needle and syringe can loosen (especially after taking the cap off)
I just lost half of my third shot due to this. just make sure everything is super tight and the medication is going out the needle and not the side;)
I always get apprehensive before my Friday injection...it's normal. Once it's done you will feel much better. Hang in there!
Welcome to the forum!
Well wishes,
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Good luck! I will be finished in 3 weeks. Do you work? If so, you may want to inject on Friday nites, so you can rest on the weekend. Check w/your hep doc on what analgesics you are allowed. Drink lots of water; my minimum is 2 liters daily-helps w/sx. Address rashes immediately-sneaky lil' b@stards. Write a list to give to other docs of all meds/doses-very important!!!! You will get thru this, just as I have. If you get unreasonable see your doc about anti-depressanrs-very important; also sleep meds if needed.
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