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6 month post vx950 update

still und 6 months post. did 12 weeks triple therapy & additional 36 weeks soc (prove 1 trial). type 1a, und by week 3.  
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wow!!! Thats great news!!! You are missing the exclamation marks in your post. lol

It should read - still und 6 months post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats! Looks like you've made it. Very happy for you!
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Great news!!!  Climb aboard the SVR Train, my man!
Are you out from under the tx funk cloud? Hopefully, you should be feeling much better than post-tx by now, especially knowing that the dragon is defeated. Its a good feeling.

My best for a full and healthy future. Its all easy from here :-)
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Vertex up $1.05 today.

Vertex Pharma Raised To Buy From Neutral By Banc Of America
Last update: 1/16/2008 7:41:35 AM
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That a piece of good news. Congratulations.  So good, in fact, that it seems to be reflected in the stock price as Mike points out.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Monday I got my one year post und, und by day 4. I did 12 weeks vx plus soc, then 12 soc.
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I was in Prove 2 which I started last May. I was dismissed in week five b/c I did not have a 10 log drop in viral count. Turned out I was in the control group. I am now in the rollover group which is not blinded. After just one week on treatment my biral count dropped from 30,000,000 to 87. Wow!
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This is great news for those of us recently diagnosed and making decisions.
CONGRATULATIONS!  ah... speaking of stock prices...


Okay... now tell us what you're gonna do for celebration!  really!  give us details!
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Your PCR results are going to swing from exciting [your current result] to flat out dull [ No HCV RNA detected, every time], but that's a good thing, right? Great news that the rollover group is unblinded. Please keep us posted on progress. The SVR Train awaits you.
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I am holding my celebration until next week went I hope to hear no virus detected. There will be not alcohol!!! This stuff is a winner.
Correction: I was in Prove 3 (not Prove 2, I just looked at my cooler), I am not sure if this study has a different name , I will keep you posted.
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Am I correct in that Prove 3 is for prior non responders? If so was that a non response to Peg and Riba?
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Burned:  Yes prove 3 was for all sorts of treatment failures; slow response, no response, breakthrus, rebounds after EOT, or treatment stopped by DR.  I believe that the "rollover trial" is for failures either in the SOC arm or the "no-ribiviren arm".

All; I'm really glad that the trial is unblinded; I wonder, does that mean it doesn't "count"?  Or is it because everyone on the trial is on the same regimen and therefore there is no need to hide info from one another?  I would assume it's the latter.  I'd certainly think that rapid clearing of the virus would be important to the FDA expecially on a past treatment failure.  

I also think it speaks volumes about whether or not there will be issues of resistance to interferon.  Not only will the participants have proven themselves to be treatment failures of the past, these guys were also on TX perhaps only 6-7 months prior.  That response is tremendous especially considering that (in theory) there could be IFN resistant virii still present, and obviously there was a high starting viral load.

By the way...... have you heard as to whether rescue drugs could be used in the rollover trial if they are needed?

I hope you keep posting macna and I wish you (and all rollover TXers) good luck and godspeed.

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"Banc of America analyst William Q. Sargent upgraded the stock to "Buy" from "Neutral" and raised the price target to $34 from $29, citing increased confidence that upcoming study results will drive shares higher.

The company's key drug candidate is telaprevir. Positive results from a midstage study could be released in the second quarter, according to the analyst. Sargent also expects the Food and Drug Administration to approve late-stage studies for the drug candidate.

"Telaprevir's market leadership may be under-appreciated," he said, in a note to investors, adding that recent discounts to Vertex shares have created a buying opportunity for investors.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Vertex faces competition from Schering-Plough Corp., which is conducting midstage studies on its hepatitis C drug candidate boceprivir. Results are expected later this year. InterMune Inc., meanwhile, is still in the early stages of development for its experimental drug ITMN-191.

Based on data already available for telaprevir, Sargent said, the drug should be able to clear hepatitis virus more effectively than current treatments, and may even receive a quicker review process by the Food and Drug Administration. Despite that possibility, he shifted expectations for approval to early 2011 from late 2010....

......He said telaprevir's launch will most likely occur after 2010, and initial details show the late-stage study design could be more cumbersome than initially expected. InterMune, meanwhile, will likely successfully develop a twice-daily dosing schedule for ITMN-191, he said. The company has been working on both twice-daily and three-times per day dosing."

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I'll be looking for your entry here after next week!  Best wishes!!!
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web52 - Congratulations!  You're done!  That's awesome news.

pln - Congratulations to youI  Has it really been a year already?  Wow.
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As a Prove 3er I am always watching for news from the Prove 1 and 2'ers....and this is what I like to see!!
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Prove  3 is for non-responders or those that cleared during treatment only to have it return 3 - 6 months (this was the case with me). My prior treatment was  peg and ribo. Also, My reseacher told there is a new study starting for naive hep Cers. Also that people who where in the control arm of Prove 1 and 2 are being added to I am in. We all get the same thing. real VX-950 for 12 weeks with Peg and Ribo, followed by 12 weeks of Peg and Ribo.
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