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7 weeks post-tx.......oooh boyyy!!!

hello all. i pray all is well with each and everyone of you. i am 7 weeks post tx and i have been having either one thing or another. 2 weeks post tx i developed h-pylori so i took antibiotics for 10 days. now that that is all cleared up i am having trouble with my swallowing. it feels like i have something stuck in my throat or something. i am also having alot of trouble with my knees and hip, alot of aches and pains. and well, when i'm not having those then i am crying or having anxiety attacks. sometimes it makes me wonder if tx was the best thing after all. i am still clear of the virus or so they say and that is a good thing i just don't know if i'm ever going to be the same again. my energy level IS coming back though so that is a GOOD thing. thanks for letting me whine.
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congratulations on the negative PCR! was it a few wks post tx or end of tx?

7 wks is not long enough for the aches to be gone. it took me almost three months for the tx pains to subside. the pains I had prior to tx, remained with me.

give it time.
congrats again!
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I feel like I have something in my throat all of the time too. It started probably a couple of days after I started tx. I have never had sinus problems , but it feels like my sinuses are trying to drain , but the mucous is too thick , I know thats souns horrible , but that is the only way to discribe it. Does that sound anything like what you are experiencing?

Congrats on finishing tx.and good luck.
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Congratulations on your unde, I know when I first started having anxiety  it felt like i coulndnt swallow, i coulndnt hardly eat anything until i finally went to the doctor and got some ativan and started calming down....
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Congratulations on being non-detectible. Hope your post tx sides get better with time.

All the best.

-- Jim
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Congrats on the undetectable! As for my experience, for the most part I bounced back pretty quickly, but I do recall some anxiety in the first monthor so post tx. I do have off and on hip and ankle pains, which I was beginning to have BEFORE tx, disappeared a few months into tx but has now returned. I'm guessing it may be early arthritis or something?
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Congratuations!  Sorry though you are having problems and hope they will subside soon.  I am 1 week away from being done and I had wondered if there were going to be any sides after and if so how long.....

Got sissy's 12/24 week PCC results today............NEG! WOOHOO! She did not know how to read it and her doc appt is not till the 7th so I told her to call them and have them fax it over to me. I have a few questions though.

WBC.....4.9 Range 4.0-10.5 LOW? Is this white cell count?

RDW.....16.5 Range 32.0-36.0 What is this?

Neutrophils 76 Range 40-74 What is this and what to do to reduce it?

AST 42
ALT 40

TSH 3.540 (in range)

Any help would be appreciated....Agin Frsno, congrats on finishing!  :)

Thanks Fisheress
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Fresno: Give it time. Your body has been through a lot. Congrates on the UND!!

mark: I know what you mean, I had that too all trough tx. Drove me nuts, But it did go away after tx.   Debi
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thanks for responding so quickly. i wanted so bad to feel great immediately and it is not happening. i mentioned about the throat thing to someone in delphi and they mentioned that i should have my thyroid checked so that is the next thing on my list.

chevy......thank you so much for the words of comfort. you are right though, i have been through a rough road and i need to give myself time to absorb it all. sometimes i am impatient with myself and expect perfection. thank you sweetie for remembering me.
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thank you hun. i will try and be more patient.
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I too have those sinus issues and I take mucinex and it loosens everything up.  My doc approved it and said it doesn't effect the liver at all.  You might want to try that.

Take Care,

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What you're describing with your throat is medically called a "globus" sensation. I had it with GERD (chronic reflux) but it can also be caused by draining sinuses, or even an infection in your throat. You mignt want to see an ENT to get some relief.

-- Jim
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Congratulations on you PCR!!!!!!!!!

It takes time for the poison to leave your body.  I've been done with tx 6 weeks and feeling great but everyone is different, it may take you longer.  Hope you start feeling better soon.

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