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72 week club

Four months ago, when I was discussing with my GI extending treatment to 66 or 72 weeks, I told him that of all the people on this forum, who did 72  weeks, no one relapsed. Relying just on memory, I thought there were at least a dozen of cases that I can back up my claim with.

Now I've just searched the forum archives and I'm surprised to find only 3 people who did 72 weeks and can actually show 6-month post-Tx PCR for SVR: DoubleDose, Cuteus and Jaroman. Am I missing someone?

Anyway, here is a list of the 72 week club (nicks and end of Tx dates):
DoubleDose - 10/04/03
Cuteus - 11/15/04
Jaroman  - 10/06/06
NYgirl - 2/08/07
Sincebirth - 6/09/07
Bill1028 - 7/07/07
MustangShelly - 8/01/07
Kalio1 - 8/24/07
Valtod - 8/27/07
St. George - 9/07/07

And those on their way:
NYCMark - 66 of 72
BThompson4 - 63 of 72
Proactive - 45 of 72
zazza - 43 of 72
Wyntre9 - 37 of 72

Can you please correct and add to the list.

I'm not sure what exactly happened with Kalio1 and BThompson4. Also, Sincebirth (Darryl) never posted after the end of Tx. And Bill1028 did 76 weeks.

Please share your stories, stats, latest PCRs and post-Tx side effects!

For example, here's the story of DoubleDose:

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Thanks for the link and flash back in time. Interesting thread, hasnt Jim changed.
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Congrats on finishing the marathon!!!. I would also be interested in how many of the 72 weekers were/are treatment naive vs. 2nd/3rd timers etc. Myself, first time treater...
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I'd also would be interested on 72 weekers med dosages, say based on kg and finishing hgb (was your hgb 14.7 at finish?)
1.57mcg/kg pegintron
21mg/kg riba
(current hgb @ 12)
stats are in my profile
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I saw on the UK forum that Sincebirth has relapsed. He was however not UND until week 28. He switched interferons during tx.

Cruelworld is probably doing 72 weeks as well. What week is he on?

I started tx with (baseline weight 67 kg/148 lbs):
1.49mcg/kg pegintron
14.9mg/kg riba

Dosage since week 41 (weight 74kg/163lbs):
1.62mcg/kg pegintron
13.5mg/kg riba

(current hgb 9.5, mostly during tx 10-11, baseline hgb 15.2)

I found this in the archives in a post by friole (05/23/07):
"candoman VL at wk 12 - in the thousands, -- just finished 72 and is on maintenance dose"

Very good idea, Valtod, to keep track of the 72-weekers' results.
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You forgot Mikesimon! He did 72 weeks as well and SVR:ed.
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Found some more 72-weekers from 2004 in archives. Mikesimon and DoubleDose were around then, maybe they know their results. Seems people were doing 72 weeks already at this time.

layla - did 71 weeks - UND at 3 months post
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