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8 months out

Went into the clinic for my 6 month results and YES !!! still undetectable and ALL my blood levels are normal,, this is amazing.
I am so happy about that and am trying to get my priorities straight,
I am recuperating nicely, and just feel so fortunate.. NOW I need to walk the talk of not taking anything for granted, and not wasting precious time.
I so appreciate the wonderful support from this site and i wish everyone a good outcome,  I go back in 3 months and can decide if I can do long term follow up for the study.  It looks like better drugs for shorter treatment times are being studied,  
Love, Mary
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That is wonderful news. Congratulations!
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Yayyyyyyyy Mary!!!  You made it!!  

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I know,,, its great.. when i went in they read my labs to me and when my monitor ( i love them all, they really care ) said of course undetectable I wouldn't expect anything else.  I was so happy.  
"they" are working so hard on getting this disease cleared and without all the side effects... its so heartwarming to see the progress.
I feel very fortunate, like winning the lottery only better....
I could have had this over 35 years.... ( probably did, )  
I Love the people at this clinic,, they are so dedicated
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I'm sitting here smiling, so glad to read this good news.
Congrats to you Mary.
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Congrats Mary!  Fantastic News
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way to go mary!!...really nice news......billy
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What great news!!  I am new to the forum.  How long did you stay in treatment?
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congratulations!  well done.  belle
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hey congratulations...That's wonderful news. Now life goes on better4now ;-)
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Congrats on SVR
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Nice to see you again Mary and a big congrtas on you SVR  !

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Congratulations! A huge milestone!
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I have been away from the forum, its seems forever, but I wonder how you all are doing.
I'm working more now, got a good job, I'm cooking for mom and happy to be feeling better.
Really enjoying this reprieve and just taking it day by day, one foot in front of the other, I know life never lets us get bored... take it as it comes
wishing and thinking of everyone in my tonglen,, taking and giving, breathing in suffering, breathing out positive healing loving thoughts.
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How wonderful for you. And it sounds like you are getting healthier every day.  congratulations on a hep-free life.

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Congratulations!  I am so very happy for you, thank you for sharing and giving others hope
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Way to go Mary!
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Congratulations Mary!   Awesome news!!   And your positive attitude is wonderful! Soooo glad life is getting back to normal and you are virus free!!

Sincerely Starshine
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Congrats Mary. WOW...how wonderful it is to hear someone clear of this virus. Thanks for your support.
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Hey Mary - nice to see you and congrats of course.  Did you go in late for your 6 mos. check up?   I ask because I thought that you were about six weeks ahead of me and I had my 7 mos. post tx last week.  Either way, I am so happy for you, for me, and the others in our study that cleared.  I too feel very fortunate.
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