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A gallon of water a day

Just a question for anyone on starting on incevik, my doc says I need to drink a gallon of water a day and also eat 25 grams of fat every time I take the pills which is three times a day at 6am, 2pm and 10pm. I was just wondering if ice tea or something like that is a good substitute for water. And what foods can I eat at ten at night to get 25 grams of fat and not stay up all night. Just to let you know I was on interferon back in 2007' didn't work for me, went on infergen for a year and was clear the whole year, but relapsed after I came off the drugs. Time to try again hopefully with better results this time.
Thanks Joe
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From what I was told if your 140 lbs for example you should drink 70oz of liquids a day, half your body weight..doesnt have to be strictly water as long as its fluids, soup, water etc.
I was told by the forum to have fat ,my hepatolgist never told me that. I always took my Riba with some sort of fat.I drank green tea, iced coffee, chocolate milk, water etc.LOTS OF ICE CREAM as well.

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I guess the incevik works with fat and that's how it's transmitted, my hep seemed pretty strict on that point, so I'm not taking any chances. If figure if I can eat enough I won't lose 40lbs like the last time. Didn't need to lose it.
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I was ON SOC, Pegasys and Ribavirin..was told to eats lots of fat by the people here as well.

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I am on the same schedule as you and Charm is right you need about 70 ounces of fluid, as for the fat, they suggest 20 grms of fat. I have posted some foods and there fat content; personally at 10:30 I have a Nature Valley nut crunch bar and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Best of luck to both of us, I am also a relapser so I'm hoping this time works....Regards - Fred

Taylor Ham - 6 gms/slice
Egg – 5gms
American cheese – 5 grms/slice
Bran Muffin – 5 grms
Frozen Waffles – 3.5 grms each
Pancakes – 7.6, (4)
Biscuit – 5.1 grms
Granola – 33 grms / cup
Cream Cheese – 10 grms/ounce
Milk Chocolate – 10 grms/ounce
Cheeseburger 4 oz – 30 grms
Potato salad – 10 grms/ ½ cup (eggs, Mayo type)
Hot Dog – 18 grms
Yogurt – 7.4 grms, 1 cup
Sausage Links – 6 grms/ link
Eskimo Ice cream –  15 grms
Nature Valley Roasted nut Crunch – 1 bar – 13grms
Peanut Butter – 8 grms/tablespoon
Avacado – 30 grms (medium size)
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Thank you all the info, just looking for easy was to get that fat, don't usually eat that much but I guess I better start.
Thank you
Good luck
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the more water you can drink the better to a point - if you can do a gallon thats good  -caffeinated drinks dehydrate so they dont really count
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my study nurse said that drinking lots of water is one of the most important things i could do for myself.

good luck.

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I was told that it really, really should be water. or as close to pure water as you can get.  It can be flavored water, or adding things like crystal light to water.  
Cheesenrice is correct in that caffeinated drinks and sodas are not the best choice.  You want to be able to flush out all the toxins that there drugs are creating in order to have as little sx as possible.
As far as the 20 gr of fats goes...,my plan is to reinstate my love affair with haagen-daz before bed!
Good luck.  To your  health!!
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I weighed 120 pounds while on Tx and I drank a gallon or more of water a day.  And, yes, I was up many times each night to go to the bathroom.  I kept a styrofoam cup at my desk at work and I filled it up as many times a day as it took to get my gallon in and I marked the side of the cup each time I filled it so that I didn't lose track.  (I know, styrofoam cups aren't "green"...but it was necessary at the time).  Do the best you can with the water intake...it helps.
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I did not like water at all wheN I started tx but I kept a bottle on my desk and forced myself to chug it every so often then refilled it.....now I actually like drinking water.  I weighed about 120 too so that is 60 oz a day.

Coffee, tea, soda and other beverages that contain caffeine will dehydrate you so it's best to avoid them altogether.

The water is really important - personally I wasn't trying to pee out any toxins I was trying to stay hydrated. I wanted those meds in me as long as possible.....and the water went through the kidneys so I figure it didn't hurt as long as I had a decent amount of fat with my riba (I did not do triple therapy just 72 weeks of SOC).
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i agree with the fat part but not the water. you do have to drink some extra water but the half of body weight in oz's is an internet myth. mix in some gatorade and juices. your body will let you know when it needs water. you dont need to drown yourself.
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its no internet rumor - normal water intake for normal people is weight based - and its approx half your body weight - tx meds severely dehydrate - soooo..............
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