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A liver enzyme question

HI there.  I have a bit of confusion about the 6 month window for clearing the virus as it relates to liver enzymes. Today my daughter was told by her doctor that once a patient has elevated liver enzymes (even though she was only 4 months post exposure to the virus when she ad her bloodworm), that the fact that her liver enzymes were elevated was confirmation that she would have no chance of clearing the virus in the 2 months left before she was 6 months post exposure. My understanding is that elevated liver enzymes PAST 6 months confirms the illness is chronic but not before the 6 months.  Can anyone clarify this?  THANK YOU.
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Sorry...Typos!  I meant (even though she was only 4 months post exposure to the virus when she had her blood work),
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Elevated ast/alt may be an indicator but definitely not a confirmation.

"She was exposed specifically in the week of April 1 through April 4"


It has been 6 months, can't he just run a RNA test to confirm
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Hello I agree with Hrspwr the doctor should run the test that measures the viral load, no load no virus.
The elevated enzymes could be caused by anything, a drink, medication, it does not always mean HCV.
Has your doctor seen a hepatologist?
In my time with this it seems that GP's know nothing about the second test and scare people unnecessarily
I was seen by a blood specialist for low platelets, he did both tests at the same time so he could give me all of the information at the same time.
I hope your daughter doesn't have it, if she does it is very slow moving and there are new medications out there.
Take Care
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