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A question for the men out there

I am curious about the effects of HCV and Tx on sexual function in men.  Various articles have described erectile dysfunction and low libido as a result of HCV, interferon tx, and/or liver damage.

The biggest factor seems to be the HCV itself, and several controlled studies have been done looking at variables like liver damage, viral load, interferon history, etc.  It seems that about 35% to 40% of men with HCV have regular erectile issues, regardless of the other factors.  Duration of infection may also be a factor, and has only been studied in small groups.

What has been the experience of the male population on this forum?

Has interferon made any existing problems worse?  Or has interferon initiated sexual problems, if you had no problems before tx?  After ending therapy, have any sexual dysfunction problems changed significantly?

This issue gets little attention in the literature, and deserves more study, I believe.  

Responses are appreciated.

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No problem before during or after 48 wks of TX
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You know that feeling when you accidently walk into a women's restroom?  Well, that's how I feel posting on this thread.  But the ones below were maxed out, so here I am to say hello.  I've really missed you and have wondered how you've been.  The newer members clearly don't appreciate your point-of-view, but neither did I a couple of years ago.  Let's face it, you're an acquired taste (that's a compliment).  

So how have you been?  Are you feeling okay?  

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I agree with you it must be the anti-d's, my short stint with them yielded the same results, well, no results...and when I go on them again...it'll be okay with me, cause when you don't have something, it's not missed no? at least for me...

yeah, you guys can't keep us womens outta anywhere! you know that!!!
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Yeah there are some of us who also smoke in here - knowing ... everything but still not overcoming that.  

In a perfect world I'd be living healthy like Rocker but...doing whats we cans in this world is all we can.

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Doctors may advise against he stress of quitting smoking during tx. This is not unusual. Revenire hit upon the real danger.

I have no idea why smoker's put so much importance on their health when it comes to HCV ? Makes no sense. I was a smoker. During tx the first time while I was suffering one day I thought: "Wouldn't I feel like the biggest idiot if I go through this hell, clear, and then die from smoking?"

Here are the cold, hard, facts:

3% (that's THREE) of those with HCV will die from it.

40% (that's FOURTY) of those who smoke will die from a smoking-related illness.

Seems very clear to me where priorities should lie on this subject.

Please no stories about hard it is to quit. ;)

Best regards,
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i wasn't gonna come in b/c it was "for the boys", but as usual, i couldn't help myself.....surprise, i wansn't the first to sneak in!
ya boys - both ways.....i've blamed the zoloft, maybe tx too?

* this sun nite, i'm shot #44/48 - counting down...

could probably start a whole new thread, but how long is de-tox? how long before you feel back to "normal", or do you?

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