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Ever since ive started my new round of tx....im worried about taking vitamin supplements...how many of you out there take supplements while on tx...im wondering if just taking a vit D would really matter..and some vit B...just dont want to take any chances..Marcia,i know you are one   anyone else?
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I took shot no. 10 last night.  I take Centrum Silver multi vits (without iron b/c they are the Silver) and I take Calcium +D on the advice of my Endocrinologist.  I reached undie status at wk 4 and I am genotype 1B so it appears that, so far, the vits are doing my tx no harm.
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I take a multi with no iron.  Am going to add some B this week.  I have taken mushroom supplements earlier in tx to try to help with the anc.  I have also used a probiotic vitamin drink periodically to help balance my good/bad bacteria.

Other than that, I stopped all liver lovin supplements when the trial started.  They didn't seem to mind all the supps I was taking, but I personally did not want to take any chances.  

Hope you are doing well this weekend =)


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My trial team reviewed my vit intake before I started and said all these were ok.  I have taken these for years.
Vit E  1000i/u
Flax seed oil am and pm 2400 mgu each
folic acid 400mcg
b-12 500 mcg
one a day men's health formula
omega 3 fish oil am and pm 2400 mg
vit c  am and pm 500mg each

I take them with my riba every day
Good Luck Ron
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I stopped all supps. I now only take a multi withOUT iron, fish oil. I figured why chance taking them with TX.
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The only other suppliment I'm taking is Citrical w/Vit. D...
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My doctor told me to take only vitamin B, E and C while on treatment.  I believe A, D and iron have a tendancy to be stored in the liver in excess amounts.

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I DID some studying on vitamins and foods...im finding that you can get all you minerals and vitamins just from foods alone...BUT...organic foods   commercial foods are low the nutrient scale...KEEP IT SIMPLE.
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I am also in a trial and was told that while on the trial meds/placebo to take only a multi vitamin...Since you are also enrolled in a trial and there isn't much data on contradictions or interactions I say don't push your luck. You really want the meds to work and they are temporary...you can rebuild with good nutrition and supplements after you are cured.
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I take a multivitamin called ebA.... without iron and without Vit A .... and a whole bunch f other stuff. But I'm not on Boceprevir...

I agree with the others, that you would be best off with a multivitamin without iron and preferably without vitamin A. Why don't you go to the health food store and get yourself a good organic multivitamin of this kind.

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Exactly my thoughts...all im taking now,if these are considered supplements...which i dont think they are...my definition of a supplement is usually i pill form...heres my list now

2.Coconut oil
3.Ground flax seed
4.Green powder drink mix(Greens RX)
5.Goji Berries

That it...i only take the flax 2 hours after the riba,as flax is known toclean the intestine fast .i want ensure the riba gets totally absorbed...again...to me its food...not supplements
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