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I have  to panic attacks and I read at the peg itron 2b web site  that the peg itron 2b can cause panic attacks is this true? My panic attacks got so bad last year had to take time off work. I no longer take anything for them, just as needed. Does anyone else have panic attacks and take the peg itron 2b? My doctor has his mind set on this treatment instead of the other even though I told him the sides from the other were less. Please help

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I have them sometimes but im more bipolar. One doctor wouldnt even treat me because of it, but im doing pretty good as far as the bipolar goes so far.
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I suffer panic/anxiety attacks as well, the only thing that helps is anti-depressants, take a small dose or half to a quarter of the dose if you dont like taking ADs, just enough to take the edge off.  I tried stopping ADs after tx, but the attacks were still there.
Its now 3 yrs since tx.  I take prozac, half tab every 3 days and it helps.
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i take xanax for my attacks, i just take them when i get that funny feeling of one coming on, they are fast acting..
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hi! although I think there is a bio-chemical component to anxiety, panic attacks, etc...I also there think there could be a psychological one (chicken or egg deal as to how much of that is bio-chemical too)....in that the subconscious is going wild behind the scenes, and thoughts get into a loop without our even noticing them too much....because the chatter is so commonplace in the back of our minds.

You might be just feeling tomatoes at the grocery store and thinking about that process first and foremost.....but in the back of your mind youre also thinking you'll probably be dieing from hep c in the next few years, if that makes any sense. (Or something like that, that is also irrational and drastic.)

Many of these behind-the-scenes thoughts are just thoughts and are illogical when you sit and dissect and analyze them....but we don't analyze them much of the time, which is part of the problem.....and they just go around and around at their own pace and acting on our emotions.

Many of these thoughts just don't seem to turn off for many people. It gets to be like a whole committee in our heads just chattering away. This phenomenon is just a part of the human condition and very intelligent, highly sensible people suffer from this.  

Anyway, this is a HUGE oversimplification, but I'm just trying to explain it in as simple terms as possible, from the way I understand it. Particulars are up for debate of course.

Anyway, the subconscious can act on these, many times, illogical and dire thoughts, and it just sees things in black and white and acts on the emotions.....and believes there is a *real* danger coming upon us, just from these random, illogical thoughts. The subconscious doesn't analyze.

And the blasted subconscious can then cause a person intense anxiety, that can morph into a full blown anxiety attack, because the body reads this as a "flight or fight" response, and pumps out more adrenaline, etc.

This is at the heart of many anxiety attacks, phobias, etc. If you ask a person why it is they are phobic of spiders for instance, they can't tell you from a logical standpoint.....they'll tell you that they know intellectually that it is a little spider that really can't do much to a full size human being, but that kind of logic won't matter, and they will develop an irrational fear they can't explain. The same principal *can* hold for a person who is just walking along, and then get a horrible panic attack.  

While I think that anti-depressants are of course helpful, etc and many people *need* to take these, because of chemical imbalances, etc.... and doctors will prescribe them to phobics, people who are prone to panic, anxiety attack, etc...I also have found hypnosis, thought process exercises and breathing techniques  helpful in dealing with these types of things, at least for me.

Also, many people who suffer from these might be helping matters by eating more frequently, healthy, smaller meals (which is a healthier thing to do anyway) to help keep your blood sugar level.

Listening to hypnosis tapes, etc can help train the subconscious. There are good tapes dealing with these things at hypnosisdownloads dot com. Really reasonable, and you can listen on your computer or ipod at night, like I do.

There are also exercises that people have devised for phobias....a great guy for this is at phobiascured dot com. Some of these types of techniques can also work for anxiety attacks. Another one is phobease dot com.

And simple breathing techniques....many shallow breathers get panicky for a number of reasons. If you go to (about dot com) and punch in panic disorder, they have a lot of information on breathing techniques and panic. This stuff has worked miracles for me, and many people I know. I think they are worth a try along with medical therapies, couldn't hurt! lol....just my take on these things, maybe they will help you.
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I took Peg IFN 2b and the way I made it through my last 2.5 months of treatment was the same way I dealt with panic attacks 4 years earlier: a brisk 40-45 minute walk three or four times a week. There's something about that particular level of exercise that is a good, non-chemical way to regulate your serotonin levels without SSRI drugs. This was something that was suggested to me by two separate MDs - a cheap, $10 co-pay, family doc in '99 (for my panic attacks) and a much pricier shrink in '03 who helped me while I was doing IFN.
It worked for me so I'd say it was worth a try.
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Did the peg cause any panic attacks. I have had only one since last year dont want them started again, I only take something when I need it would never take AD's again took paxil once gained 40 pounds so threw them in the trash and change doctors told me there were no caleries in them.Just not a pill taker.

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