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I just had a liver function test due to suspected bile duct obstruction...these test were done 3 days after the suppected blockage...the GGT was 166, AST was 81 and the ALT was 280 .How bad are the these results and what do i do about them???
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my alt was 93,my ast was 89 and my ggt was 90. I do not drink and when I did, 6 wine coolers in a years time was my average. Is there something wrong with my liver?
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those numbers all above normal and could be due to medication you take, or a liver virus, so it would be wise to have more tests run.

My doctor ignored my high enyzmes for years, and consequently I was not tested for hep viruses until I was in stage 3/4 (late stage) disease.

You should review your meds AND get tested.

PS, I was on one med for my spinal cord injury, tramadol, which my doctor insisted was not part of the problem......but due to my reading I concluded it could be...went off the medication for a week....and my enymes dropped from the 90's back to the 40's....

so just because a doctor thinks a med is safe doesn't mean it is, or that your liver is not being harmed by it.

the enyzmes tell you how many cells are dying in your liver each day...so the higher the number the more damage is being done. 90 is not extremely high (as in emminent liver failure) but it's not a number to just ignor either...especially now that there are treatments to halt the damage that hepatitis causes.

All the various forms of hepatitis cause liver damage, and are transmitable.
However treatment available now are 50-90% successful, depending on which genotype (strain) of liver disease you may have.
HCC (liver cancer) is also a possibilty and you should ask for a blood screen for all the liver cancer markers (AFP) to begin to rule that out.
Hepatitis is the fastest growing disease in the world right now, and liver cancer is the 5th largest killer of men, so you want to get to the root of why your enyzmes were high.
Have yourself retested after refraining from alcohol for a week, even though you only have 6 coolers a year, if you tested withing 24-36 hours, you might have thrown the test off. Everyone clear alcohol differently and some folks with weak livers or kidneys can still have high enzymes days after only a little booze. Especially Asians are prone to this as they seem to have the highest allergic response to alcohol of any group, but anyone can have this.

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