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Adopted infant from HCV mom

Heys Guys,
It has been a while since my last post and I am so glad to see some more of you in SVR.
For those who don't remember I have adopted 2 children from and HCV infected mom.  My son has alwasy tested + for antibodies but negative on PCR test.Docs say he is clear since he is now 4.  However, his baby sister has been tested for the antibody at 6 months which was positive but docs don't want to give her the PCR unless she still test + for the antibody at 18 months.  She is now 15 months and I am so nervous about this test.  Please assure me of her chances of getting this.  Did anyone's children get this?  Please know that I will love her NO less if she is postive I am just worried about her. She was a Heroine baby and has had to fight for survival almost all of her life.  Thanks for all of your help.  Feel free to use this for other post as well.

All of you are in my prayers daily and will always be.

Scared Mommy
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\\\\\\\\\\\]Thanks for the quick post.  I have good days where I don't even think about it, then I have those days that I just want to cry for her.  She is the most beautiful special baby with the sweetest spirit and I know God has great plans for her. I know her chances are low but it is very reassuring that some of your children did not get it.  I will probably be posting on my needy days so it is so nice to get your advice.  I get such conflicting info from health care sights.  This is the only sight I have learned to truely trust

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I am so very sorry.  I will say a prayer for your little girl.  As Kalio said, she has a wonderful mom and that means everything.  Try not too worry too much until she is old enough to be tested.  She may very well clear like your little boy.  Know we are all here for you.
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You've done a wonderful thing for yourself and these children.
One of the posters here, Snookmeister, was infected at birth.  Perhaps if he comes along he can share some of his insight.
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I will be praying for you and your little girl.  The world needs more people like you, you are a wonderful person not many people would take on a child with HepC and not being their own.  My hat is off to you!!

Remember you can always come here for support and I hope you do.

ps--- I've heard that a child durning their first year of life has anti- bodies that fight off illness.  So maybe you'll hear good news about the test.

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Last riba was 25 days ago. Cobwebs are coming off and have more energy to get back to the things I used to do to stay busy.  3 weeks post-TX vacation didn't hurt after and it was an interesting year of work.  Appetite is returning, gaining a few ozs and, I think, the return of some mental acuity.  Although, seem to still have a touch of the rage. Lack of complete emotional control is unnerving - shed a tear at Memories of A Geisha.  Getting it back, not pushing it too hard, trying to do healthy things, trying to get some tone on these old bones.  On 'the other side' but quest continues.
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It has been a while! is it already 15 months? I know you are going to be a nervous wreck for the next 4 months, and it is only normal. It is going to be a LONG wait, but what can you do?  You could buy one of those kits for home HCV testing and do it yourself earlier or ask the dr to do it earlier. 18 months seems like a random number chosen by the drs.  I bet she is negative at 15 months.
If it is going to make you anxious to wait, take the chance now.
in any event, the best to you and your children.
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I hear you on those mentals. A "good" commercial can really choke me up these days. Quite embarassing if anyone's around. LOL. Riba has a long half life and you've only been off for a month. Hopefully, you'll soon return to your less sensitive pre-tx harder-assed macho persona. LOL. I sure hope I do.

-- Jim
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Oh Yeah. My waist size goes up as my overall weight drops. Like hiding a spent gooey Kleenex under the pillows, this is a definite 'repositioned tissue-issue'.
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I had a sweet friend explain the riba emotions while on TX this way....

You're standing in the grocery store with an apple in each hand and you're crying cause one's bigger than the other.

I didn't totally understand till I started TX.  I sure know what you mean about those commercials.

Commercials and apples.  they'll get you everytime.
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I was thinking that part of it is water weight loss from the dehydration we have...although we are drinking tons of water and fluids we really only "rent" them.

I mean I wake up a couple times a night from drinking all day but still I am as dry as can be.

Since all my clothes look like they belong to somebody else now and I have to pin everything to make it smaller though...it's not ONLY water weight I suppose. ;-)
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I am so sorry for you my heart is breaking.  I do know there are some women in here who's children HAVE gotten it however I can tell you that my children DID NOT.  I'Ve had this 25 years and they are 15 and 17.  I'm glad I didn't know I had it when I gave birth!  I only found out last August.

My daughters boyfriend was born a heroin baby as well to an HCV infected mother and HE is ok.  She now has HIV and he was tested for that as well and is clear thank GOD.  He was adopted away from her by his grandmother when he was three thank GOD.

So there are a few cases of NEGATIVE that hopefully will keep you upbeat!

And remember no matter what...we are here to share the burden with you and support you and be here no matter what.

I will be praying for you,
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"repositioned tissue-issue"-I absolutely love that one!
And so true....
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