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After stopping tx, how long does it take for the meds to leave your system?

I was taking pegasys and ribavirin for 4 months and stopped on April 29.
I cam still feeling the effects of the meds.   I would like to get a physical and have my blood work done, but would like to schedule this after the tx meds have left my body.   Can anyone tell me how long these meds might stay in my system?   Thanks.  GingerB.
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Dr. Gish tells me 4-6 weeks for the meds themselves to actually clear your system.

long term effects of them are another story though
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It took two week for my mind (temper) to get okey that was a big relief.
Then it took 3months for my body to get well.

I´ve  been complaining that they  gave me wrong doses wrong tx time, so I have to do 72 w instead of 24 or 48.
But to be honest I´m very glad i didn´t do 48w first time because the sx was just to much. I wanted to stop tx since w 12 and couldn´t possible done it one more week then the 24weeks first time.
I´m also glad I waited 10mos before txed again( doc wanted me to start 6 mos post tx )but its my body not his.

YOU have made YOUR choise and if itsYOUR choice it couldn`t be wrong.

I´m under the impression that some people here who suggest extended tx to all cost might be a bit compulsive in their thinking. They just can´t bear that they have the virus in their blood?
I´ve had it for 35 years without thinking much about it ( only been diagnosted for 16years though) why shall it suddenly be so unbearable to have it thats not rational to me, but if you have this compulsiv thing going on in your mind i guess it is!

Now you gonna get some distance to this shiit. And the next time you treat you be more prepared and you gonna make it!
And I can promise you that in a couple of weeks you gonna feel so good you don´t think its true!

Take care good luck in the future and God Bless:

Ps I`m not talking about those people who have severe liver damage, but just because you paranoid dosn´t mean you not being followed, if you dig what i mean.

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the INF goes away fairly soon, and you should feel better when it does. The Riba takes up to 6 months to totally clear your system, which is why they warn against conceiving  a child within that time frame....however, as you are not adding more Riba TO your system each day you should feel improved week by week and with healthy kidneys most will clear out long before that 6 month mark.

the 6 month mark is used as a marker also for those wanting to begin a new trial so there is probably good science there....researchers don't want a new double blind result polluted by what may be still be floating around inside you...so I'd suspect this is a pretty accurate time frame.
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right on!!!! tx istn't everything; living good today can be a good thing too; ciao
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Thanks all!  I appreciate your information.  GingerB.
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Even though the riba is in your system for awhile, and the interferon goes away quickly, how long after treatment does the medication has some benefit to fighting the virus in your system.  Is the effect gone immediately?  (May be dumb question)
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Ribaverin has no good effect once the peg is stopped and peg has no good affect after 7 days of stopping that is why it is given weekly.
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   The medication may still have some effect after EOT for some people. My EOT viral load was 940IU/ml. 6 weeks later it was undetected. Or maybe my immune system learned how to handle the virus, who knows.  

    All I know is that I was still having immune system side effects 3 weeks after EOT. A fever that caused Plueresy that put me in the hospital. So it still has some effect on you. Maybe not on the virus though. Who knows.

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I started to come good and depression lifted at 6 weeks post-tx.

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don't knw what stage you are at, but some of sing a different tune because we aren't stage 1 or 2

once you begin to experience the sides and pain of liver failure, you take a very stauch view about trying to beat this virus...because the damage is something yu are living with hourly.

If you haven't suffered much damage, it effect your outlook. however I had to go on meds following a spinal cord injury, and they did the same escalayed damage as if I had been drinking....and once that liver starts to stage 4 it ain't pretty.
I'm in for 72 week...amd want to quit every day, but won't....my favers are gone, pain is less, and hopefully I'll continue to SVR as i'm now UND//

it's all what lense we are looking through...don't feel bad that you quit to wait for a better time. but don't worry about those who tough it out...we have god reasons.
best to you going forward
mary B
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EVeryone is different as I'm sure you keep hearing.

I took my last shot 4/24 and last ribi 5/1.  I feel better already.  It is amazing.  

I go Thrusday for the EOT results.  

Hopefully it will clear out of you fast.  I have been drinking even more water than ever!

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Thanks all for your comments.    
Mary B and Pam -->  wishing you all the best !!!  GingerB.
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