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After treatment

Hello I finished Incivek, Peg and Riba 20 months ago.  I wanted to share my good news and hope others will share theirs.  I am cured per my doctor.
I just found a new doctor and had blood work. all of my numbers are in the normal range.  What I am excited about is that for the first time in 10 years my platelets are in the normal range, my AST and ALT are lower than they have been since the late 80's.   I don't have a copy of the paperwork yet but we went over the numbers over the phone.
I am hoping that because my platelets are in the normal range that the health of my liver is improving.
The only thing is that my cholesteol is high.  I think it is my bad habit, carried over from treating, eating peanut butter with apples.  So, going to stop that habit and be retested in 6 months.

My hair, which I obsessed about has all come back.  It has come back with curls and is thicker than it has been since I was a young teenager.  Who knew I could get  curls from this?..not I LOL

I wanted to thank everyone for their unfailing support during the last few years, thank you all so much  I could not have done it without you
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This is great news Dee!!! I I have trouble with peanut butter also! Well I hope your shoulder gets better, you can concentrate on it more now that everything is going back into place! Congrats on that good report card :)!    Kitty
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Dee, I am so happy for you!
Funny my platelets just recently went into the normal range too. Even with that crazy tumor (now dead and gone) I think my liver has been healing too.

I love peanut butter too..I found a good substitute to be almond butter. Nut butters are high in fat but almond butter has less than peanut butter.

Good news for a lovely lady. Made my day. :)
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One of my concerns when treatment was over is increased cholesterol.  I have read how cholesterol plays a critical role in HCV replication.   I have ask to have my cholesterol monitored closely for changes.  My cholesterol always seemed to be low.   It has gone up to the high end of normal after treatment...
never being even near that before treatment.  I do question if it was the Hepatitis C that may have keep cholesterol down.  

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Dee, my alt and ast are lower than they have been in the last 10 years.  They are now in the teens.  Enjoy the curls while they last.  Curls and waves are the benefit of treatment.  My curls and thicker hair only lasted about 6 months.  Always wanted curly hair.  It was a nice experience.  

My Best To You

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Hi Dee thats excellent news lovely to hear !! Love Jules xx
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great news to hear Dee!  I understand about the peanut butter.  Mine though was cheesecakes.  when I was on treatment I had a hard time keeping up with the food but after treatment I couldnt stop eating.  was making a couple of cheescakes a week.  Had to stop that!  Glad that your bloodwork and especially your platelets are looking so good.  
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Dee,I am very glad to hear your labs are getting into normal and your hair is lovely. My labs were always normal pre Tx but my cholesterol is now in higher range ,so I am too watching  what I eat. now/my cholesterol  was always low before tx/And yes, my hair is more thicker now than before /no waves/thanks to your hair products recommendation! I hope your shoulder pain is subsiding by now.Stay patient and positive !Love Naya

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Thank you so much for your response, really nice of you
Your name always make me smile
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Rivi, thank you so much. I appreciate the info, I have been eating peanut butter and apples for over 2 years now and have become addicted.  As soon as I received my cholesterol which had been under 170 6 months ago; I stopped the peanut butter.  I think that will help the cholesterol and my diabetes.
Take Care
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Thanks so much, it is funny that was the one thing I did not think about, it figures. But...at least I know what I can do.  I am thrilled about my platelets, they have not been this low in 10 years and my AST ALT are lower than they have been since the late 80's
Thanks so much for your response. I really like the way we all share with each other.
It is great, Dee
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You guys are the best. When I think of what we all went through together and have made it to the other side, I get very sentimental.

Cheflady, I hope your husband is doing well.

It is funny that we had low cholesterol when we had HCV, I think it had something to do with liver damage so it is a good sign that it is up but now we have to get it down a bit :)  I think my platelets being in the normal range is a sign my liver is improving.

My good cholesterol has gone from 29 to 52 so the doctor is happy with that.  I am going to work on it.
My Mom always says it is a real balancing act to get our body healthy and in line, I agree.  I am learning and I appreciate everyone sharing what works for them.

Thank you all so much

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good morning Dee i am so pleased that you are feeling so much better and thank-you hubby is slowly improving especially his hair it is growing so soft and wavy, he almost deserves to be called silver fox again!!. much love Jules from a very dark, wet noahs arc weather here in Blighty! xxx
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Hey Dee, you sound like you're doing great.  So good to hear since I recall you had such a difficult time with tx.  Its good to get back to normal, but as you know its a slow process as the body readjusts.  And good to here about the lovely locks.  I had some hair thinning and it went straight, but never concerned me that much.  

I do recall reading a few articles about lower cholesterol due to HCV and it going up after SVR.  Odd how it works that way.  All is going well with me, busy with work, family, cycling, etc.  Best to you.  
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Your news is indeed very good.  I am always really happy for the folks who reach SVR and those that are healing after this tough treatment.  I had curly, wavy hair before tx now have straight, thin, really short hair so am anxious to see what I will end up with at the end of treatment. I have always dreamed of being a natural brunetter with long flowing curls LoL  Okay, I will take the wavy, curly, gray hair back :-)

Enjoy that curly hair and good health!  Best, Linda

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Really great to hear from you, I am doing better.  Not sure what did it but my attitude, altitude is much better, as is my shoulder so that could help a lot.
Being in pain makes me very cranky.

I am trying so many things to improve my life, something must be working :)  I even found a show to laugh at "Modern Family".  After 2 years of watching nothing but NCIS and all the Police Shows, it was time for a break from all of that.  

I know it is silly to be so happy about my hair but I was bald for over a year,  tx, stress from tx, then thyroid went crazy, had TSH of 17.5

It is all a balancing act and I am trying to get back in to the swing of things.  Like everyone is ...I hope :)
Thank you for posting. I do appreciate very much
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Thanks so much for posting, I remember when I was treating all I wanted to see was someone who had gotten to SVR and was doing well.  Now that I have been told I am cured, I wanted to share something positive.
I never lost hope that good could come from this though there were days I wondered LOL

As Flcyclist said it is a slow process to return.  I felt I had aged about 20 years.  Now doing much better.

I actually feel happy again :)
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So glad your hubby is improving.  I think it just takes time.  I never gave up hope though I did have some cranky days LOL.

Sorry to hear it is dark and dreary in your neck of the woods but happy your hubby is doing well.  It does improve, just takes time.
I wish the doctors would be more supportive, helpful, knowledgeable, instead of telling people the way they are feeling has nothing to do with tx.

Enjoy your Silver Fox :)
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I have been taking something called Serrapeptase it seems to be helping eat up the scar tissue on my frozen shoulder.  I think it may also be helping my liver and my brain.  Not sure but I feel much better than I did 6 weeks ago.  Very happy, happy is something I value.  That sense of well being, wanting to wake up in the morning eager to start the day. Corny I know but I feel that way now.  I hope I can hold on to it. :)

Coincidence?...maybe I was going to feel better anyway..not sure

I just found something else I would like to share. It talks about the health benefits of coconut.  After everything I have tried I have got to get a job to pay off my credit care debt, ha ha
I have done nothing with it yet. It is a research site or that is what it says.

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how about this for a laugh Dee, other day he took car to have a new motor for passenger side window but through his brain fog he forgot he had put the child lock on !! When mechanic told us i nearly p----d myself laughing !!! Good job i love him! all the best Jules xxx
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Really funny, thank you so much for sharing
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Thanks for the almond butter tip.  I am post liver transplant and cleared the hep c after 22 weeks of treatment of telaprivir.  I think I lived on peanut butter and chicken pot pies the entire time.  I am still hep c free after 14 months and my last labs showed that my cholesterol had tripled.  No statins, just change in diet was suggested.    No doubt the treatments are ALOT worse than they tell you, but hey, 22 weeks sure beats the alternative.  Hang in there dear people, one day at a time.
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This is wonderful news, I am very happy for you.

Rivi, thank you for sharing, I was shocked at my new cholesterol level.  I am now weaning myself off peanut butter and have almond butter on my list for the first :)

Very true, one day at a time, baby steps and we will get there :)
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I posted this on the post tx forum
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