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Air Jet Innoculator and HCV

Please respond if you feel that you contracted HCV after getting shots from the air jet innoculator.

I did not realize that the air jet innoculator was a transmission source for HCV. Any information about this subject will be greatly appreciated.
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Really no way for me to know, but I suspition that what happened to me when entered army in 1975.
After Basic Training ,got real high fever and pretty sick, put me in hospital and they said they didnt know what it was, keep me 2 weeks in hospital, sure would like to see  those records to see if they say non A non B, Maybe I try after treatment. Doctor was one who brought air shots as way of transmitting up to me, but  who knows, coulda been at the dentist back then or anything.Important thing is almost halfway through treatment now ,almost at 6 months. By the way hep G , geno type A1.
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Go to hcvvets.com lots of info about air jet guns and stats on Viet Nam era vets with HCV. Very large #.
My doc also suggested the air jet guns. I was also hospitalized during basic, and had lots of dental work done prior to discharge.
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Although the timing was about right and I was on those lines I don't think it was that way for me.  On those very rare occasions when I divulge hcv and I'm asked about how I came by it, I give jets as a possibility.  But, it was much more self-inflicted.
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What is an air jet innoculator?
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Thank all of you for posting!

Goodluck Toby G, complete the tx and clear the virus!
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I tried to go to HCVVETS.COM and the website was not found.  Can you get to that website url or has it changed?
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The website is hcvets.com and it has a lot of good information.
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I'm rather curious about this as well, thiugh if this is the cause of my HCV, it's laid dormant for a LONG time.
We had airjet innocculations in high school. They would line us up in the hallways and run a basic assembly line for shots.
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I was in basic training in '74 and had the air jet inoculation, I was sick in training camp in Biloxi, Ms.and hospitalizedfor 10 days.They said I had measles.Like Flguy, I believe  I got hep c through another route, in '71. I'm geno 2 and I requested my military records, a few months ago. I was told by the records center I'll probaly get them in July.
Wyntre: The gov't used to use a device to perform mass inoculations. everyone stood in line and they used the same device on everyone. I believe air pressure drove the meds into your arm, I'm not sure. The problem is that even if it was a needle, the gun was not cleaned between each person, possibly leaving traces of blood and then your arm would be opened for transmission when the immunization was injected. I may not be 100% correct on this, but that's what I remember.
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I truly believe I contacted HCV from the military by way of the mass immunizations    using the unsanitary air jet injector in 1974 at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX. Statistics from hcvets.com show that 63% OF Vietnam-Era veterans were infected with HCV.  These statistics are very strong evidence to support my belief! I actually have a scar on my arm from a shot using the air jet injector.  My history is that I do not have any tatoos or injected drugs.

In 1982, I had an abnormal liver enzyme reading from a medical exam. Nothing was found after many different tests to try to determine the cause of the readings.  During this timeframe, the Medical Establishment did not know about HCV.  Finally in 2005, my Doctor was doing some blood work on me which show abnormal liver enzymes.  He immediately had my blood tested for HCV.  I started Pegasys/Ribavirin treatment in 2005 and finished 48 weeks of treatment.  In January 2007, I tested negative for the virus.
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Just read that you have been clear since January after txing in 2005. That's so encouraging! Did you dr. test pcr regularly? I mean, were you responding well early on or did you have to wait awhile to clear?
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I will post my medical data later on today after I get the data from my Doctor.


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Yep...same here.  I entered US Navy boot camp in 1976, stood in the vax lines like everybody did back then.  Interesting to read of all the people that were sick and hospitalized.  I also got sick in boot camp.  I thought at the time it was a reaction to the vax for all the tropical diseases, but it could have been acute hepc.

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Boot camp 1971 San Diego. They said don't flex when they shot you. Some did and you could see the occasional trickle of blood down the arm. The corpman had a towel that he used to wipe off any blood on your arm as you went through the line. I remember, it reminded me of an assembly line. Two by two. The sound of the air gun.  Pa Pow!.. Next!...Pa Pow!.. Next!... they were going so fast they had to stop a couple times to let the air compressor build back up. I don't have a recollection of getting sick though. Might have been I was scared sh#%less of the Drill Instructor. Pa Pow!.. Next!...Come here Maggot!!   Little bit of blood ain't gonna hurt you!...get on your face!!  Pushups till I get tired!!!  What a lovely vacation. They loved me so much Uncle Sam sent me to a tropical retreat afterwards. They said it was a reward for doing the most pushups. You don't suppose they were jerking my chain, do ya?
Come to think about it, that DI never did get tired...Semper Fi!
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I was in the Army from 73 did basic in Fort Ord Ca. And had the same injection I remember going from one end of the building to the other end of building, sleeves rolled up and doc in hand as we went through. Blood was just pouring down most of our arms. And repeated this ordeal again after graduation at Fort Poke same thing. I have HCV and never used needles in entire life. Now have liver cancer and they gave me one year left to live. I am very pissed that I got rip off from my life because of this. Everyone needs to be tested... I have wonderful grandchildren that I will not get to see grow up because of this. Our government is responsible for this mas exposure and need to take responsibility for what they have done.
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What are your chances for a liver transplant?
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I was in basic training in '76 and had the air jet inoculation, I was sick in training camp in Ft Bliss, Tx. and and was stationed in Panama bfore I got sick and was hospitalized for 2 weeks.D=The Doctors told me thaat I had a Visius.I believed them, not knowing any better.  I tested positive for Hep C in jan 2011. My geno 3a. and I requested my military records, in Feb 2011.
It seemed funny that all my medical records from Panama had disappeared.
      The gov't used to use a Jet Injector toImmunizes. As everyone stood in line and they used the same device on everyone.  The problem is that the gun was not cleaned between each person, possibly leaving traces of blood and then your arm would be opened for transmission when the immunization was injected. Because the VA is allways tring to find ways out of giving the VET's what they earned. In my case Its Tatooes that stop them from granting me my benifits,
      I'm less that a week from what I hope, to be good news, that is to get on a Liver transplant list.
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jetinfectors.com has information on the risks of military jet injections.
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