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Alinia Results

Hi Everyone,

I just got my BW back after a month on Alinia.  I'm not jumping up and down.  The most astonishing thing that happened was from taking a herb that boosts platelets.  I couldn't get out of the 80 - 90 range for about 2 yrs, after one month, I'm up to 129.  Yahoo!  (the doc said it wasn't the Alinia, but had to be the herbs)

Back to Alinia...
My ALT, AST didn't change much. But my AST went below my ALT for the first time in 2 years. Nothing else really changed.

I am also taking a new herb the Chinese developed called Oxymatrine. They are having some decent results with it.

My viral load before starting was 10 mil because of the 3 rounds of antibiotics I took. (For peple that don't know), Vaccines, anti- inflammatories and antibiotics (except Levaquin), cause your viral load to spike.

My viral load dropped to 6 mil. Not a log drop, but to where it was before. I understand that it would usually take people 2 years to get it back to where it was before, (using natural methods), after using antibiotics, so I'm not disappointed. The Alinia did help me feel much better the week after I started it. I don't know if it's a coincidence, or it had something to do with it. I really feel great now and can resume power walking.

I'm still on Alina as well as my herbal regimen.  No sides and as I said, I feel really good.
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I have never read this:"I understand that it would usually take people 2 years to get it back to where it was before, (using natural methods), after using antibiotics, so I'm not disappointed." in any literature.  VL fluctuates on its own, up and down without the intervention of antibiotics or herbs. Mine was 376,000 one month and 1,000,000 plus the very next month, without any drugs or supplements. The same is true for other chronically infected.  It is the continuous decline of the VL that would be significant.
good luck on your tx
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I am curious what herb helped you with the platelets.My wbc and platelets are low so I am very interested.  I just started tx but have been taking herbal supplements for a while ( mik thistle, omega 3 fish oil, etc).
   Are you also doing tx ?
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Thank you for the results.

We are just starting some in vitro efficacy study on the oxymatrine, since this is at this time the one herbal substance that had some serious research/small trials behind it to lower HCV and HBV. It might be of help if combined with SOC, just like the Alinia.
So please tell us how long are you taking the oxymatrine - which BTW is not a herb, but a substance purified from a herb - Sophora - together with the Alinia. AND WHICH DAILY DOSE please. The dose in the chinese trials was first intramuscular 600 mg then another trial, by oral capsule 600mg/day.

Oxymatrine has shown antifibrotic effectiveness as well in another chinese trial.
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Illio: My viral load dropped to 6 mil. Not a log drop, but to where it was before (at 10 million). I understand that it would usually take people 2 years to get it back to where it was before,

The difference between a viral load of 6 million and 10 million is insignificant -- in fact the entire drop could be accounted for by the inherent variations of the test itself. Also, as has been pointed out, viral load flutuates a lot on its own. I don't want to rain on your parade, and have no comments on on Alinia --  but to keep it real, you should not read *anything* into a drop from 10 to 6 million.

-- Jim
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Latest update: My VL has been undetectable since week 5. I am on week 18 of a scheduled 24 week treatment of Alinia and peginterferon.
The treatment consists of 3 months of Alinia only followed by 6 months combo of Alinia and peginterferon and then 3 more months of Alinia.
My doc has several patients who are on a controlled study with Romark Labs, all of which are showing very posative results.
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Way to go !!!! that is great.  amd 3/4 done you gotta be feeling great, ok maybe mot great still being on TX but knowing you are almost done has got to be a good feeling and UND at that!! Congrats!!
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This is the stuff I used to raise my platelets:


I bought the basic ITP kit.  It's not cheap, but
it does work.  I'm thankful for that.  I know the
Platelet count drops significantly with the combo
and was extremely worried about that.

The people that run the ITP site seem genuine and
helped me out over the phone.  Thy have a good liver
herb, but I was already taking most of the herbs
in it.
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