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Almost half way...

I hope this is the correct place to post this, as I am new to this forum. It looks pretty active and current. I am in week 20 of Peg-Intron-2b (1x wk)/Ribavarin (6x/day) and a Wyeth clinical trial (protease inbibitor)drug (4x/day). I was neg after week 4. I was diagnosed in 2001, VL 5 million, genotype 1a, stage 1 and was asymptomatic (all normal blood and liver functions) I am male, 55 years old. I have been clean and sober since 1987, and definitely know where I got HCV (along with all my other child-hood buddies). I have the usual side-effects (fatigue, anxiety, hair loss, drymouth/skin, weight loss, rash) and take Procrit 1x/week (I have been on this since week 6). I try to keep a healthy diet, drink lots of water, exercise (which has decreased since I started tx - once I start exercising I do feel better-it is the motivational part that is difficult.) I feel it is also about a positive attitude. I have heard about the real bad stories of side-effects, but have also found those that had minimal side-effects. These are not widely publicized, but I have read where it is not uncommon. The bad stuff gets the press? My anxiety levels are increasing to the point where sometimes I am non-functional, and will ask my MD what can be done. I recently went through a horrific body rash which left open wounds (partly my fault due to the horrendous itch and scratching). My MD did not feel it was a reaction to the meds and the dermatologist has not gotten back the lab results yet. It has subsided through steroid treatment and Atarax. Why did I start tx if I was asymptomatic? I will never be healthier than I am now.
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"Why did I start tx if I was asymptomatic? I will never be healthier than I am now. "

well - if you're asking why did you start if you were asymptomatic... Then you answered your own question. LOL!

However - if you were telling others your reason for doing it now - I think you've got the right idea.

As far as the sides --- some of us get it bad ---- others are very lucky and only get a little tired. (lucky people they are!!!)

We don't hear from those folks - because generally they aren't freaked out by their symptoms --- and they are understanding that they'd be tired. But that life is going good enough for them.

Anxiety however - XANAX --- lorazepam for me.

I use Emergen-C stuff for keeping awake --- after a pot of coffee does nothing. LOL!

And the weird thing --- I don't think I was asymptomatic... I think I just slowly - progresively felt worse and worse each and every day --- so gradual --- it was not noticeable until a year later... When I could hardly function.

So --- I don't actually believe everyone who says they are asymptomatic (some yes.. ) but others... they well --- I think they just attribute it to "getting older".

Well --- ya know what? People don't start feeling "older" until they are in their 80s... Sometimes.

We are so conditioned as a society to think that 40 is old... Until you hit 40... So we think we are supposed to feel old at 40. That just isn't true.

It shouldn't be true.

Well I'm hoping the Wyeth stuff helps you tons --- and I'm hoping for less rash for you.

Welcome to the board!


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Hi and welcome
I am one of those that had few Sx from Tx. I think the lack of Sides were attributable to minimal symtoms pre Tx. Never had any anxiety just a tolerance level of Zero, and a little itchy itchy scratch scratch and maybe a few others.

But after 2 attempts I NRed, both times, so either my body said Nuh dont like INF and killed it, or I've got a stubborn virus that said Ha Ha not killing me just yet.
Being a G3 i may have just underdosed. Outsmarted by something without a brain.
Oh well wont mention what that says about me.

Make sure you let us know how the HCV-796 works out. I would consider using it for Tx mach 3, but the rash sounds a little nasty. Perhaps these new drugs = rash as a sx.

Dont forget to SVR
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I don't know if your rash is from the protease inhibitor or the ribavirin and it sounds like you're getting good care from your doctor.  I just wanted to mention that a lot of people have found relief from the ribavirin rash by using Gold Bond lotion - in particular the Gold Bond in the green bottle with the red cap.  It has a sort of menthol smell to it that I don't like, but it was the only thing that really worked for one of our posters (NYGirl) after going out and buying every lotion in the store.  She says you have to continue to use it faithfully, even when the rash is improved   - or it comes back.  She'd had the same problem with scratching herself until she had open wounds.
Another tip for you (which you probably already know) is to drink lots of water - half your body weight in ounces every day.  It's supposed to help with the sides.
Sorry I don't know what to tell you about the anxiety but meki probably gave you good advice on that.  I'm sure your doctor could prescribe something to get you over the worst times.
I'm glad you posted on this forum.  This is a good place to ask your questions and to find people who can understand what you've been going through.
Good luck.  You're well on your way to SVR!
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