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Alpha Fetoprotein

Just got a call from my doc, with the results of my scan last friday, he said everything looks good thank you all for all your input. I see the doc again next week and have a lot of question thanks to you, ive learnd a hell of alot here

thanks again
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your welcome eagles, i'll be looking forward to hearing about your appointment...it helps to write all questions down before going in...i always forget my questions when i'm there...oh well,

take care, sandi
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I'm new to this site but couldn't pass up your notice. I have HepC geno 1b and a 2x non responder to the each of the other tx.
My Alpha Fetaprotein levels have been elevated for a year and my
alt/ast levels have not been in the normal range for at least 6
years. My last bx showed I was Stage 4(cirrohsis} and that I also
non alcoholic steatosis (39%) of liver.

In addition the tx brought on autoimmune hep that has impacted my entire immune system. Currently my tx is primarialy morphine for pain, valium for sleep, zoloft 200mg for depression, and
100mg of syntrhoid.

I had 2 brothers who were alcoholics and heavy smokers who died of NASH. One was 54 yrs the other 60 yrs. I have never been a smoker or drinker .

I have a transplant co ordinater @Mayo Clinic in Jx.Fl. butunless they can clear the virus I will not be eligible for transplant. I have to make the decision whether I will try the
infegen/rib tx soon. Curr viral load 23million
You know there's not alot of time because SSA has finnally granted me total disability back to Apr 2002.

IFanyone has experince or advice to help me decide it would be greatly appreciated
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I think your post is intriguing, and that you'll get a lot of thoughts about it; however, too many will miss it way down here. Try and post this as a new topic up above - if you start your own thread, this should get the attention it deserves. This forum is only allowed six to eight new posts a day, before they cut us off: if you can't get in today, try 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning.
Best, Bill
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