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Alpha fetoprotein

I got my results for blood test and my afp is a little up I'm not to sure what the noraml range is they say it's 6.1 others say 8.9 mine is 7.6 so were do i draw ???
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Every lab has a different range. Yours in barely elevated and is probably due to the virus. When it means cancer it is usually in the 100's.
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Sorry kinda new to all the test, even though we have been doing this for so long, it seems like forever.  Anyhow, I picked up a copy of my husbands medical records yesterday, we need to send it with the appleal letter to his insurance company, who has now notified us that they are denieing his treatment (but that is an other long story, some of you already know).  My question is:  The doctor, in his notes, states that his AST 62, ALT 102, Hb 17.9, and HCV RNA is 3.3 million.  Are these things that he is saying are for us to worry about?  It is not clear it is just under other lab notes.  I am sorry if it seems I am going on about this, I am just so scarred of loseing my husband.  His by oppsy is 3/4, and his doctor told us he has sever cerosis of the liver on top of the Hep C.  And we can't even get the Hep C treated.  I am trying everything, you all have been so helpful. I have inquied about many of the trials they are running at many hospitals and Universities.  Still have not gotten anywhere, most of them are for non responders.  We can't find out if he is even a responder...I feel so darn helpless.  We don't qualify for any assistant programs (tryed that too).  I own a small bussiness, and they all look at the top number of what the bussiness is bringing in.  I am even trying to sell that, just to give us the money to pay for his treatment.  No luck yet.  Even if we just stoped paying all our bills it would not cover the cost of the medicine.  I have contacted ever goverment office I can think of, including emails to the President, his wife, Vice President and his wife.  I just feel like if this appeal is also dined I will have run out of opptions.  It is killing me, not being able to get my husband any help.  Any, and I mean ANY advise anyone has will be so apprisated.  (Sorry about spelling, I can't even think at this point}
Thank you LovingWife
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thanks, I'm not good at reading all these test
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I'm writing on giddy's computer but I am whoaisme...another loving wife....your husband's numbers are high but not alarming..they are where a lot of hep c patients are. You would know if your husband is a responder is he has tried to treat Hep c before. If he hasn't you should look for a study that is looking for naive patients (meaning they have never treated before). Keep trying things will come up....good luck, Su
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" My question is: The doctor, in his notes, states that his AST 62, ALT 102, Hb 17.9, and HCV RNA is 3.3 million".

Hi there, Lovingwife; Just to help you put things in perspective, my basline labs were -

AST - 109
ALT - 275
Hb  - 17.4
HCV RNA - 75,600

The ALT/AST numbers are indeed elevated, but consistant with Hep C infection. These numbers generally indicate how much damage is currently being done to the liver. As you can see, my numbers were much higher, and I don't have any plans to die in the near future. His Hb of 17.9 is ideal for treatment, as Tx tends to lower this. An Hb of 17.9 gives him an excellent cushion for possible anemia due to Tx. The HCV RNA of 3.3 million is actually a moderate number, with some patients at 55+ million. A high viral load is considered almost insignificant by many doctors. I'm so sorry to hear of your difficulties, but continue to perservere, your efforts will eventually pay off.
Best wishes to you both, Bill
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Hi there,  jmjm,

My interpretation of the grade/stage scale has been that fibrosis stage 3/4 indicated a high stage 3, low stage 4 condition. I realize that there are many systems in place, and that this issue is confusing, not only to doctors, but also certainly to patients as well. My GI doc told me that as stage 3/4, I should consider myself stage 3, with indication of early nodular activity suggesting possible cirrhotic activity.

Using the METAVIR system, which utilizes the following increments to describe fibrosis,

Stage 0
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4

We show a total of 5 possible stages, so I conclude that my doctor is correct in his interpretation. If you get a moment, take a look at the following link:


It gives a good look at the different systems in place, and probably leaves us with more questions than answers. Your comments will be greatly appreciated, my friend, this confusion may just be due in part to my high-riba regime, LOL.


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