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Alternative Treatments

Alternative treatments?

I know this is a loaded question. Please remember I have just been diagnosed with hepc and am only doing my research. I am sure I am thinking the same things many of us have thought before. My thinking might not be objective. Maybe I am reaching. I am not in denial. I accept the facts. I understand that only 15% of us are able to clear the infection without treatment. I know we all think or thought we did not have the time to be
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In addition to what Scott and Cuteous have said.....Some of the herbs (ie. milk thistle, etc) could possibly make you feel a little better (or is it all in the mind?) but WILL NOT cure the Hep C or change the progression of the disease.

Get all the info you can and then make your decision on whether to tx or not.

Good luck in your journey.
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Ok. That
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Sorry snookman. I posted before I read your post. I was not connecting Elvis
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I never tried any alternative or herb tx., but have heard here many times that there are Chinese herbs that can alleviate some of the symptoms of Hep C. They do not cure or even slow the disease, but until someone starts tx. they can help releive the fatigue and joint and muscle aches and edema that go w/ liver damage. However, if you have no symptoms yet, they would just be a waste of money. Also take nothing, absolutely nothing, not approved by your hep doctor.   Joni
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Everything you stated is right on the dot. We have all been through the same emotions and the same sites and were exposed to all the claims for alternatives for hcv.
NOTHING is killing and erradicating the virus but the inmune system of that 15 to 20% and the combo of antivirals currently prescribed for the infection. Those are the facts.
You need to wait for the biopsy result to decide whether you can wait or not on the treatment option. If you have 0 damage, there is no urgency to treat if you are still young. The older we get, the less effective the meds are.
herbs and vitamins can improve your liver and health, but not kill a virus that has become chronic, I have not read of any studies that prove otherwise.
Wait for all your results to be in, genotype, liver damage, viral load, to make any decissions.
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Do you have a biopsy scheduled? I agree with Cuteus.  If your biopsy shows minimal damage or inflammation and you feel well right now, you might want to wait to see what is coming up for various MEDICAL treatment options.  However, I think I recall that you indicated that you were 46 years old and although you have lost weight (GOOD FOR YOU!), it sounds like you might have a few extra pounds.  Studies indicate that treatment works best on those that are younger and in a healthy weight range.  Please do not take my message to infer that you are not in a healthy weight range.  I don't know how tall you are, so you actually may be in a good weight range for your height.  In any event, younger and healthy weight, makes success a little better.  So . . . point is, if your biopsy is relatively benign, you can probably wait a little on treatment.  But, like Rev says, there isn't much new in the pipeline.  On the other hand, you may want to go ahead and get started with the meds since you are only 46 and it sounds like you are working on your weight or have already accomplished your weight loss goals.  Finally, I know of NO other alternative treatment that I would be comfortable with. Truly, if your sides aren't too bad, this is a very "do-able" treatment protocol.  Certainly, you may have some sides, but then again, they may be minimal and you can carry on and get the whole thing over with.  It's a decision only you can make.
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