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Ammonia Levels

My husband's ammonia level is at 128...as a result of his HepC he has Class IV cirrhosis.  They tell him his liver is too far gone and he's too high a risk for treatment.  He's been "maintaining" for the past two years.  He watches his diet and takes milk thisle.  He's also a type II diabetic and since they've put him on Enulose for two weeks, the boy guy spends all his time in the bathroom...anyway my question is this...is 128 dangerously high?  He is not showing any signs of encepalophy other than he has had some mild swelling.  I also want to add that he spent several days out in the heat roofing right before his blood work...could the heat (which took a lot out of him) mess with his electrolytes and his ammonia levels?  Thank you in advance for any advice.
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This site has a table about 1/2 way down that indicates what normal ammonia levels are at various ages.

A little bit further down the article explains that ammonia levels do not necessarily correlate with the symptoms of encepalophy.

I hope this helps.

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The site you sent me to was very informative.  Thank you so much.
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Hello everyone ~
I'm on treatment and in my 15th week. Sides haven't been bad other than a few weeks ago when my hgb level went drastically down and I started on Procrit.  That was a tough couple of weeks until the Procrit could start assisting. I'm feeling better now and proceeding full speed ahead.

Here is my deal. I would like some opinions, suggestions and comments, please. I have one son, daughter in law and 2 grandchildren.  They live in a different state than I do and we see each other about every 3 months.

My son doesn't know that I am treating for hepC nor does he know that I even have this. Somewhere along the line when I found out that I had it, (3 years ago) I didn't tell him and just made a deal with myself to gather as much info as possible and wait to tell him so I would really know how to answer his questions.  When I decided to take the meds and go on treatment a few months ago, I didn't tell him then either.

I have it in my mind that I wanted to wait until after my treatment, or at least the last part of my treatment to tell him.  At that time I could tell him that I have HepC and that I choose the proper procedure and medicines to treat the virus and I still have it.  Or I would be able to tell him, I had hepC and that I choose the proper procedure and medicines to treat and it is out of my system.

I am now and have had for a while feeling that this isn't right of me not to be honest and up front with my son.  It really breaks my heart and makes me have second thoughts that when he does know that this will possibly and probably be the very first thing that he thinks of, as he starts off his day; worrying constantly about Mom.  I don't want to put this pain and burden on him right now.  He is so successful with his career, and he and his wife are extremely successful with their marriage and raising his children. I feel like they don't need this extra worrying right now.

I now have enough solid information about hepC and treatment that I could really explain it to him properly.  I just don't know how to start off the conversation.

My mother, my husband and my doctors know and of course, all of you on this forum who have supported me and given me a sense of hope, direction and encouragement.  That's it.  Comments?

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Hi - I don't know if this at all helpful, but my perspective is that I'm a different person, living on a different planet, than I was before I started tx. Giving  the important people in my life a clue that I've gone off to some another, weird, world for a year seemed  natural ( not to mention that I couldn't find the energy to pretend to be normal for more than a couple of minutes).
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All I can tell you is that I would be really upset if my mother kept such a thing from me.  When you don't let your loved ones in and accept their help, worry, and love, then you shortchange them as well as yourself.
As to how to tell him, you could start the conversation by asking him if he has a while to talk as you have something important to tell him.  Then tell him the truth.  Be prepared for a little anger for holding out.  I know my first reaction would be to smack you then hug and never let go.  Please don't let this chance for you son and family to love you go by any longer.
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I went into complete liver failure before I was even tested for hepc.  Altho ESLD, I did 24wks of tx, cl@4wks, now post tx 9mo, still SVR.  The quality of life is so much better, there is no comparison.  Dr's now treat patients like your husband.  I would urge you to get another opion ASAP!!  Tx will improve and extend life.  (2b, 24wk)
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