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Anemia Update

Hi Folks, so, my HGB went from 10.0 at 4 weeks, to 9.9. at 6 weeks, and I am feeling progressively more like I cant get a deep breath, a suffocating feeling, very claustrophobic!  My Doc prescribed the Procrit, my specialty pharmacy does carry it ( My Doc had said they didn't...??/), and they will get prior authorization for it, justlike they did, for the other meds, so all should go well, but all this may take until next Tuesday (I go to the Doc every Tuesday, it's a clinic, only open tues, and weds...grrr)
   Soooo...I'mm not real worried, cuz the HGB is dropping gradually, but does anybody have any suggestion, on how to get a DEEP breath, or any other techniques, that help with hemolytic anemia? I also heard that Procrit takes awhile to kick in, so I am trying to stay calm, not panic, etc...
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yeah they put me on procrit, my red cells kept falling, they had to give me two transfusions one around Halloween and one at Thanksgiving. But I was thankful for it, it brought my blood count up. Different Drs. have told me not to fuss about the transfusions and take them as often as you can get em. Good luck and God Bless
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I always liked 100% oxygen for getting a deep breath. I didn't get it this treatment because my O2 saturation level (99-100%) was too high to qualify. What is your O2 saturation level?
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Thatis a good question? I will write this downm, and ask the Doc, when I see her, on tuesday. Is that the test, where they put the thing on yr finger, like for Asthma, or is it a blood test?
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Do you remember what your HGB level was, when you had to get the transfusion?   My Doc says because my HGB is falling gradually, that I shouldn't worry~ some of it may be that I have a little asthma, because my kids had a terrible flu, and colds tend to bring on asthma with me...but I did notice the breathless feeling, when I went from 10. to 9.9.  I dont want to be a wimp, but I had the Interferon shot today, so I usually feel like total crap on wednesdays...and the not being able to breath thing is just getting worse~
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Whatever you do, don't over do. You may find that the easiest thing for your body and your breathing is to simply rest. I could barely walk from room to room so I ended up staying on the sofa or napping in bed during the week and a few days that my hemoglobin was sliding from 9 to 7.7. For me the Procrit wasn't initially given in time, but I have it there now should it drop again. I ended up transfusing with four units of blood.

Just force ourself to take it easy. It's the best thing for your body as it adjusts to the lack of oxygen.  Stay well.

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I can tell when mine has dropped under 10 then I crash even on Procrit. I have had 2 transfusions alread and I think I'm ready for another.
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