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Another joke for today

This is in the news today (CNN) "Iran's President challenges Bush to a debate today."
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That one flew over my head like a misfired nuclear warhead.
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Hope everyone is ready to hunker down. Hopefully it will only be a rain event. Take care everyone.
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God Bless you and hoping he stears this one with not so much damage.

Everyone be safe.  I know what you go through and all that goes into preparing and the aftermath.  Went through many in Louisiana.  Everyone be safe and heed the warnings and get out when they say to.


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Thanks for your thoughts.  Consider this family "hunkered".  Being from Palm Beach County, FL, I been going through these since about four years of age.  Learned then to r-e-s-p-e-c-t them 'canes, how bad it can be, and that my dad built great homes!

I also learned to be prepared for every one of 'em.  It's the one time you're a little lazy, tired of all those preps you always do for "nothing", it's that one that will getcha good.

We're in Ocala now, which is in the center of the state, towards the north end of Florida, and we are prepared again.  Crazy things have a mind of their own, no matter how hard our forecasters try.

Thanks again.  

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I hope you stay very safe and sound. Hep. C is bad enough without 'cane interrupting your life. Well, we have earthquakes out here. It's always something. God bless.
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Go to www.google.com

Type in the word failure

See what comes up

You won't believe it in a million years.  It still has me laughing.

(I hope it hasn't been fixed yet cause it's a doozy and a whopper and it makes me giggle!!!)
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I'm right smack dab in the path of it, as I live in South Dade county exactly where it is expected to make landfall. My wife had to pack her sleeping bag, as she is the A team at the hospital, and has to sleep there during the storm. So it's just me and the dogs holding down the house till tomorrow after the storm.

All I can say, "here we go again"..
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It's still there. Thanks for the laugh!
Snookmeister: hang in there. We're praying for you!
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At least it isn't a biggie yet - we'll keep praying it doesn't become one.

And I'm dying to move to FL with you and FLG and Mr. Beagle Bailey Bob someday soon.  I've had it with the northeast and would prefer dealing with sunshine...

Your in our prayers always anyways but especially now, Grandma got that right.

Hey GMa - what did they name the baby?  I must have missed it over the weekend but I couldn't get online!  How happy are you it must make you want to burst!  My daughter is only 18 so I'm hoping she waits a while but...someday I too hope to feel that magic of holding a grandchild in my arms too!
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Today, CNN
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Praying for your safety.  "Hunker down" and hold on tight!!  May God Bless yall.
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The storm was all hype...All we got was a little rain, and some 30+mph wind... Well, I guess it's better to be prepared, than not. Thanks for the well wishes.
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I agree it was all hype. I am still going to leave early because they closed the schools and the kids are at home. We will be getting ernesto this afternoon as it has slowed down. In central fl.
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