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Anxiety on treatment?

I know that many of us have experienced anxiety and depression on treatment.  I'm going to talk to my doc about my increasing anxiety today and see what my options are.  I'm already on Celexa, which seemed to work for awhile, but now life seems to be getting hard to manage again.

What are others on treatment doing to help with anxiety?
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I was on Celexa too, but the sx's from it caused me to stop. I was like a zombie, could not do anything. It also caused bad pain in back of my neck, Dr pulled me off. Celexa does not do anything for anxiety, and one of the sx's listed on label, is ANXIETY..
The drug they recommended, and Rx'ed for me was Effexor. This is for anxiety and depression. Seems to work, but as far as anxiety, nothing like a good old Zanax, or two, or three, damn, lost count.. kidding!! Good luck, and talk to your Dr.
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I just do relaxing things like going for a walk by the beach, coming to the forum for support(helps big time), etc. I am on wk 56 and there might have been 3 or 4 wks when I felt I might need an AD. I didn't. That is 56 of not taking extra meds. If I did, I would have been taking 50 extra wks of meds for the 4 I actually needed them. I think my pain med also helps with anxiety and depression. less pain less stress.
Others will state their take on this.
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ahhh the anxeity....big time on tx ...the further into tx the worst it got...got rx for .5 lorazepam, (antivan)..very low dose in the valium family....got thru tx with a version of daddy's lil helper.
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Mild excercise is also good for anxiety. Walking worked really well for me, however I started getting severe panic attacks(couldn't leave my house and 1 day, couldn't leave my bathroom for 4 hrs.) then had to take Xanax.    Joni
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There is some weird mix of anxiety, depression, and headaches that is puzzling. Exercise is the best non-drug "therapy" for this. Xanax is a great drug option.
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Ativan's been a lifesaver for me.  I was having massive panic attacks.  So bad that I was running out of restaurants and freaking out around friends and family.  I'm also on Zoloft, but the Ativan really does the trick for me.  Most days I take a 1 mg tablet.

Good luck!
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i go t anxious once isay sit in the garben and threaten mow it or add agu nslff ans cheap win
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You and Snook are becoming quite the item : )  Yowzers, 30???  I've found with the Ativan I have a new appreciation for Reggae.  Did you see me in NY?  I was kicking back in my lounge chair, listening to Bob Marley, when this guy went flying by with a hot dog in hand, mustard everywhere.  Must have been you!
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Uh...Chicago that is...yeah...that's where I was!!!
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HMMM.. excercise OR sex???  and you think excercise works better??  I was thinkin.. if ome isn't getting a good workout/excercise from sex..they are doin it wrong !!!! Now.. I could be wrong..It's been a long time since I found anyone I cared about enough to have sex with them..so maybe my memory is slippin'..LOL..but it seems to me that you can get excercise without sex.. but with sex you get the benefits of both!! so that would be the winner!!. sorry..I don't post much, but this struck me and I  couldn't resist responding to your post! Guess I am in a goofy mood.. just got a huge dose of sun...my "Sunattude adjustment"...better than cryin'.. have a great day!!  SMILES !!
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Hey Karma! I was on tx and relapsed after 48wks!!! YUK! But I will be starting a clinical trial in Oct. If I last that long!!! LOL ONLY KIDDING!!!

My last bx in June, was really good...stage 1, grade 0-1, with no scarring! So my tx DID do a bunch of damage to the nasty ole' virus!!! Thank GOD!

And this forum and God...well my family too...are what kept me going...and still going!!! This place is the BSET. I have made some of the "most wonderful friendships here", even under bad cirumstances. God does things for a reason, I honestly believe that!

As for the anxiety, I was already seeing my shrink...I had depression before tx, anxiety too.

I am still on effxor 225mg a day and clonapin for the anxiety 1mg 5 X's a day. I was only on 4 clonapin during tx, but now I have fibromyalgia and tissue damage.

If your pain gets bad...do see a pain specialist..I let the pain go on much too long and it will, as somebody said before, cause anxiety. I have to take 45mg of morphine 3X's a day.

The fibromyalgia wasn't only caused by tx...even if at all. I've had a lot of personal stress...mostly right now caused by my "second Mother" Betty, recently being diagnoised with a rare type of cancer..singnet ring adeno-carsamonia. She has been given 6 to 12 months to live. But she's not doing too good at all right now.

She is 72 and a precious, precious lady. She cooked alot for me and hubby while I was on tx. Her husband Harold came over @ least 3X's a day while hubby was @ work and sat w/ me..he always brings the newspaper, and does our yark-work. Hubby works 6, 10 hour days, and Harold wanted to "free hubby up"...w/ no yardwork, so he could spend time w/ me o his day off.

Betty came over one day..before she was so sick...my real Mother has to care for my Dad. He's bi-polar and has had 6 mini-strokes since 2002. They live an hour away...which doesn't seem far, but my real Mother also has horrible back pain and only 1 kidney. She has degenterive(sp?) disk and arthritis in her lower back...she has to be on methadone, so they don't come to visit, and I fully understand that.

But my Mother has alot of mixing bowls...the antique ones...she gave me the 3 piece set I had been wanting for YEARS, and Betty came over and I didn't know she was looking and studying my "bowls" so closely. The next day her hubby, Harold came over w/ a gift from Betty. She had made me pot warmers, in the exact colors of my bowls!!!!

And she also made me and my Mother beautiful table clothes.....I don't know HOW SHE DOES IT! She is blessed w/ a wonderful tallent. And as sick as she is, my b.day was last Sat. I was 49!!! YIKES!!! LOL and she made me an absolutely BEAUTIFUL throw! It matches all the colors in our living room!

I will always have these things of her "art" to cherish for the rest of my life. Well I'll stop ratteling for now, but ONLY for now! LOL I want to wish you the best on tx and remember EVERYBODY is different.

Some people are able to keep working and seem to have very mild sx, while others, like myself are hit hard!  DRINK, DRINK, DRINK your H2O, try eating w/ plastic utensils to keep the metal tatse out of your mouth (if you start to have it)...you might not. We had to put a fan in our kitchen to pull out the smell of cooking food...when hubby cooked. He likes to cook! And also "cool" your food before you eat it. I also found Blue Lake green beans in cans, they are lined in white plastic...there are also canned fruits, but I can't for the life of me remember which ones..I think DelMonte. But you can buy one of each and find the ones lined in white. I also used alph-keri bath oil @ CVS. (I mostly washed off at the sink during tx.  trying not to dry out my skin any more than it already had. I tried to only take a quick shower, or bath...once a wk!!! REALLY!!) The alpha-keri was a little expensive, but I put it in my bath water and also when I stood up..I would pour a little in my hands and rub all over my body..before drying off, and Pat to dry. I know this sounds gross, but I only shampooed my hair once a wk. I also brushed it as little as possible, to try not to help it in "falling out". I let it "air" dry and conditioned the heck out of it!!!  I also found ICON alcohol-free hairspray at the local beauty supply. It's not the greatest hairspray, but kept my scalp from itching. My Father-in-law gave me a HOMEMIC chair insert that vibrates and heats. I also got a heated throw...wore one out and had to get another one!!!! LOL But these really helped w/ sore muscles and when I had chills.

If I CAN HELP YOU IN ANY WAY....you are welcome (and anybody else too) can e-mail me at southern34belle98....yahoo. On here we try to sorta spread out our e-mail addy's so they can't be picked up by just anyone..to keep away all the bulk mail and junk. Just BE SURE to put something like...Karma from MedHelp...in the subject area. I don't open any e-mail that I don't reconize the name. You know what I mean. LOL

Again I wish you the best and you can believe with all your heart I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!! I definately believe in prayer. It works!!!! So I will go for now. Much love and many prayers, Cindee

Silvermoon, Hi again...You are a MESS!!! LOL I just read your last post on this thread! Laughter is the best medicine...well...including tx!!!! LOL  But beware of the SUN while on tx.

My friend and her hubby do a lot of traveling and when she was on tx. she ended up at the ER when she had been out in the sun. She got these horrible (I don't mean to scare you or anyone)...but she was covered in dime to nickle sz. sores all over her body.

She has finished tx and is still "clear"!!!! YEAH!!! An answer from God above!

But she still has the scares on her body! Most of us here, as you might read....wear a large brimmed hat, long sleeved cotton shirt...and lots of sunblock!!!! Just wanted to "warn" you. My CVS "teacher" who taught me to do my shots...etc. warned me of the sun??? Didn't yours, or your doctor???? It's so weird how each of us have learned that all doctors are different in treating and telling us things we need to know..w/o finding out the HARD way!

I have learned more from people here, than from any of my care providers!!!!!

I did relapse...I did 48wks of combo, was EVR (early viral responder) and undectable thoughout tx. Then 4 months post tx. I found out I had relapsed....I really wasn't surprised very much, because I felt so bad...even after tx.

But I WILL NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT! I will start a trial study in OCT. The way I re-acted after being EVR and undectable thoughout tx and then relapsing...really has all hepatologist baffled. This is a study all trials are working on.

Please keep me in your prayers and I will be praying for you! Much love @ Many prayers, Cindee~~~~ Through GOD All things ARE Possible!!!!! xoxoxooxoxo
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Hey!1  Thanx for the note!  WOW!  I read somewhere that the sun was a nono while on Tx.. so I asked the nurse at My Inf Dis dr office.. she said she had never heard that and knew of none of their pts who had ever had a problem..  I am a HUGE sun goddess..no.. I don't meanj that I am hige.. I mean that I HAVE to have alot of sun to survive!@  I am very tan.. have some Native American in me  so I get dark easily..  and getting out in the sun for 1-3 hours 4 or 5 days a week does me a world of good.WAY better than and drugs!  changes my attitude and lifts my spirits more than anything else...so... I hope that the sun is only a problem for fair skinned people..coz if I can't get sun while on Tx.. I will have a big problem !!..Maybe I will give Roche a call tomorrow..  sun or Tx?.. sun or Tx?.. sun or Tx?  sounds like a commercial.
   I wish you the best.. and yes.. laughter is great.. and I read some funnnny stuff on here, along with all the serious and informative stuff..  Hey.. heere's an original idea.. what if our doctors.. the GI, Inf Dis, Internist, hepatologist, hematologist.. what if they actually communicated with each other about the ppatient that they are all treating??>  geez.. then maybe there wouldn't be so much confusion!!!But then, that would make much too much sense!!.. I am beat.. gotta lie down.. helped a friend for awhile tonight and my thighs are swollen up like giant hamhocks......Take care...and keep smilin'>> Carol
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