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Hi everybody...I am new on the forum..I have been diagnosed with hep c since 1999...I went through the interferon rib regement for one year with no affect...But,I have had anxiety from the time I starteed the regimen...Has anybody else had this problem?
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welcome to the forum.  I am recently diagnosed and haven't started treatment yet. However, I have anxiety just with having this darn disease.
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I often had anxiety problems before tx, I'm on week 32 of 48 and some days they're worse, or come for no reason. What's really hard to decipher is how much is from the meds and how much is life. How long have you been off tx and have you discussed this with your doctor?
Best to you,
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tmangeles-Please excuse me for posting this on your thread but the one from mountain girl was full.

mountaingirl -(2 parts)I
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Anxiety is a natural reaction to a diagnosis of a potentially life threatening disease. In my case I threw myself at self-education. The larger my knowledge base became, the easier it became to accept, which in turn greatly lowered my level of angst.

Another tool that I
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As Bill said, support and education do a world of good for anxiety.  I am glad you found this forum.  It has helped me get thru this program.   Are you considering retreating now?  Do you know the condition of your liver?  I welcome you to the forum.
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I found out I had hep c while i was trying to get sober. I spent my adult life drinking and drugging.In the 90
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Good morning tmangles and welcome to this forum. This is a great place isn't it? By the end of the day , you should have gleened enough information from all of these great folks to start formulating a plan to deal with you anxiety. Here is my two cents...
I have suffered from  Generalized Anxiety Disorder since 1990 and have been gone through varoius medications and consuling trying to deal with it. If I were asked to give advise to someone with anxiety issues , I think I would tell them  , besides possible using one of the great medications that are available today , Educate yourself. Learn about the anxiety.
How it works and what it is. Anxiety is one of those Bast**d
afflictions that feeds on itself and our only hope , with the exception of the medication , is to see it for what it is and dismiss it.
My anxiety ,when I started treatment , sky rocketed within the first three weeks and all of the education and medications I have been taking for it didn't seem to have any effect on it at all. Even so , Realize that the anxiety your feeling isn't about you , its about the treatment and is caused by the all of that high octane medications that you took for all of those months.
I know when your sitting there feeling like you want to crawl out of your skin , that doesn't help much . Thats where a good anti depressent will do wonders for you. Effexor , Paxil , Pamelor are all drugs that are made to deal with these kinds of issues. See your Doctor and relief could be just a few weeks away.
I hope that helps , and your not alone. All of the worlds problems arent your fault , there mine.
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Welcome to the looney bin!  It's a bit crazy but you will learn a lot more than you ever thought in here and have a fun time doing so.  If you can believe it...it's NOT always dire bad crying type stuff once you find out you are HCV positive - we have an awful lot of fun!

Once you get settled into the idea that you are LUCKY in fact that you were diagnosed...that the BAD thing would to continue on with a disease you didn't nkow you had until it killed you - well it makes you realize it's all good believe it or not. If you had to get a disease...this is not too bad a disease to have REALLY.  It's slow going and there IS a cure!  :)

I started on Antii-depressants a month before I started treatment. I never knew that I needed them at all but...since I've been on them (Paxill 20 mg) WOW.  Turns out I needed them all of my life I think and just never knew it!

They can REALLY be helpful - especially since you started treatment then it is really essential for you to be on one. One of the bad things about Interferon is is DOES give you depression (can give you) so if you start on a med beforehand it will help alot!

I guess every course of tx can be differennt - please call your doc and see if he will prescribe a good AD right away. It will take a few weeks to really kick in but...the rewards could be HUGE for you.

Best of luck!
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Hi My name is Debi and I just wanted to let the people know about taking the interferon and rebitol. I was on it for 48 weeks and now I am dormant. My viral load was over 3 million. My genotype was 1b. I had anxiety also and very bad joint pain. If you talk to your Dr, he will prescribe something for it. It is natural and the more shots you do the easier it gets. It does work and I have all my energy back!! But I do have joint  and muscle pain still. I was on stage 4 of 5. All I can say is that you pray to God and have a positive attitude and it will get easier, Good LUCK to you all and you will be in my prayers.
If you feel like talking or asking me any questions my email address is ***@****
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Hi again tmangles. Are you starting another round of treatment for the HVC?
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My you came through with flying colors.   I have my appointment on tuesday and am just like  the new people am very nervous.  I was not tested potitive until April 2005. I do know in 98 I was negative.  Why my MD did not follow through and do another test is beyond me.  It wasn't until 10 months later that another came back positive that they took notice.  Since then I have been feeling some pressure on my right side.  I swear a couple of nights ago I felt some stabbing pains.  Not much since then.  Most of the time I feel just fine.   I don't care what I have to take I  just want to be a survivor (and I know everone does).   I have all these doubts that I am anything but high.  If I got it when I was younger I could have had it for 25 to 30 years.   Since you were stage 4 and made it though the treatment it gives me hope.
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Thanx for your input folks...I love being able to talk to someone who has this disease...you folks are great...god bless all of you..I have gone years hiding out....But,I realise only people like yourselves can understand how I feel..I need to converse with people like me...I went through interferon and reb in 2000 for 48 weeks.My viral load was very low at the end but now it is in the millions again...I was married to a girl and she helped me through my meds...Afterwards she tested negative..But was so scared that she would get the disease that she left me..i had to leave my home town and people I knew for a long time because of the stigmatism of this disease..I exercise everyday...I run about 3 to 5 miles and I lift weights...Believe me I struggle through my exercises but it does make me feel better afterwards...That makes me look healthy and stabilizes all my vitals...I have even curbed my diet and tried getting the carbs out of my diet..I get a total GI ULTRASOUND EVERY SIX MONTHS..The results are all the same....I have fatty liver..I stopped drinking alcohol in 1999 but In 2004 I drank alcohol for about one year but stopped that....That is a small history of my routine life...thank you for listening and I hope to make friends...
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