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Any And All Input Appreciated...

Sorry for opening another thread, so many I get dizzy, but I didnt want this question to get lost...realize none of us are docs or psycs, etc...but I have a question for your consideration...

I have recently, again, been trying out different Anti'Ds, hoping to find one that I can at least tolerate, with a view to starting treatment..yikes!.. Anyway, been having a helluva time...everyone I try (I try different strengths, whatever)...so far, it's been horrible...like coming down off a 3 day acid trip with a black beauty thrown in there for good measure, just awful...

Was talking to a friend of mine who knows something about such things, and he told me his teaching hospital employs another school of thought on these matters...

He says, maybe some people like myself, have enough serotonin and dopamine, whatever, and that's why I can't get on with them now...that when I do the tx, those levels will prob go down (but no one knows yet, it's not certain I'll need them) and that's when his clinic starts you on the antiDs's, not before treatment begins...

Drawback, of course, being that you have to adjust to them already on tx, but he says that worked for him, and some others he knows of. I would really like this to be true for me, cause I can't stand the thought of taking these dang things anymore...maybe I will be able to benefit from them on the tx...he says he could on tx, but not after or before...

Now, I've really tried, I know I'm not the warrior a lot of you guys are, compared to me, Niceguy looks like Sparticus, I know... (just kiddin Niceguy) whatdaya think?
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Have you ever had a 'suppression test' ?
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what's that? gotta big mouth, and maybe some people want to do that to me, but gotta feeling that's not what youre talking about...lol...thanks!
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It's actually called the 'dexamethasone suppression test'. You can google it. Might be a good start. I guess my first question beyond that is, why you depressed, brother ?
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I am on zoloft 10mg and I fought it, but my wife and friends said I needed it. I know now I was depressed. It was the longest 10 days until the nausea and the yuck feeling left, now I feel a lot better and sleep all night. You have to stick with it, cause it takes so long to start working, but it was worth it for me.
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Prev: "Have you ever had a 'suppression test' "
I'd start with that, particularly on the alkie threads. LOL.

Sorry, could not resist. Liked you're "Spartcus" line btw.

So why again do you want to take ADs if they don't agree with you?

Not everyone on tx needs them or is on them. Anyway, if you want to explore ADs, my understanding is that you have to be patient, give them time to work and experiment with a doctor well-versed in psycopharmo or whatever it's called. Sometimes they will combine other drugs with the ADs to help even them out, but this isn't something you should try at home.
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A few weeks ago I went to see the PCP aka Doc Referral.  I said, 'hey doc I'm going to start tx again and I need ADs'.  He said 'why'. I said 'because Mrs FLguy thinks I was a bear all wicked and nasty to her and the kids' Doc asked 'how did you feel on tx?' I said 'short of fuse, quick to anger, frustrated qucikly' Doc said 'how are you going to feel next time?'  I said 'probably pretty much the same, but not sure.'  Doc said, 'why don't you come back when we really have something  to talk about'
At that point I agreed not to fix what wasn't broken yet.  And if I have some acclimation issues while on tx heck, I'm already on peg and riba - how bad can some ad affect me. At least at this point I'm not swallowing a pill that I might not need and maybe ye old liver is better off for it.  And at this point I'm starting to think it maybe easier to medicate Mrs. Flguy anyway.
Now you can call me skeptical, Foresee, but I think you are a lot more level-headed and better adjusted than you advertise, you just live in California.  Maybe you shouldn't be trying on the lost slipper until you lose that slipper.
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I didn't start AD's until I had started treatment and had my first crying jag. The prozac helped instantly (within an hour). Not suppose to work that way, I know, but my doc says that for some reason people on tx often get that reaction. When I was done tx, I had a serotonin overdose because my body didn't need all that I was feeding it. That took 3 mo. post tx so tx really must work on the serotonin stores. Hope you get a good plan, depression really sucks and half the time the individual doesn't even know their problem is depression. (A few hours of crying was a good hint). Take care......
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forgot to thank you too!!!
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You know maybe you need little doses, i know after my last baby i had a little blue period, but like you i coulndnt take it, so they gave me liquid prozac and i would take a little bit at a time, i could handle that but didnt need it for long the ativan helped out more to calm my nerves, i think all along it was mostly anxiety but they can give little doses so you can handle one level at a time until you are comfortable....
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I don't have any advice I just wanted to say hi and i hope you get it figured out. good luck w/ this and everything else you've got going.   tracy
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U-sed: " uhhh...why am I depressed? cause people keep thinking I'm a guy!?! "

I was using the generic unisex version of 'brother', sister. I struggled with depression years ago in early adulthood and I'm talking depression with a capital 'D' shotgun in the mouth type stuff. Maybe that's where the chemical abuse started, self medicating. But once I got it under control with the right meds it never returned and I was able to fully enjoy my addiction(s) like a normal person which, you know...is a problem in and of itself. Now I sit here with a shot liver from all the fun.

Ahhhh good times, good times.
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It's all good, I am not ashamed to say, I had a rough time, Hurricane Rita took my house and everything I had, Relapsed a little before that, couldn't work as a paramedic anymore, got a letter from Social Security Disability saying they were stopping my checks, I was DEPRESSED, but I got on the AD's started feeling like myself, and got a lawer to make a call, got my SS back, just got my new house built, and I think it'll be alright, I think it will with you too.
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wow, this place is great! got some good answers already...

I-horn: uhhh...why am I depressed? cause people keep thinking I'm a guy!?! ha ha! No worries, I've been told I kinda act like one cause I can be lewd and crude...all these lewdites and crudites! I don't wanna say who...but just follow my eyes...(there's Goof!) :)) anyway, common mistake with these screennames...I am totally going to look that test up and I thank you very much for that...

Flman: come on, I'm from CA alright but I'm still nuttier then a box of pralines...trouble is, I do have depression, but it's onset...I can be wondering down the lane, happy as a clam...do de doh de doh...and then suddenly, dark clouds start gathering at the psychic horizon, and it's space out time in the corner...that can last for a time, and then I'm back to normal again...this can happen for a few months, then it won't happen for many months...that's why I'm so scared of the tx without antiD's...but it might be like you say, I could just not need them till I need them...or not...who's confused?

Jim: point taken...he he...anyway, yeah, I am working with a psychiatrist, when he takes my calls :)

Morgiana: I might just be like you! this is the first I've heard of this type of thinking and I'm going to run it by my docs!
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I think that unless the patient has a history of depression, waiting to see if you become depressed on tx works best for the PATIENT.

Giving AD's prophylactically is good for the DOCTOR and is a CYA move to protect themselves should the patient go off te deep end on tx and the doc failed to notice.

Maybe that is cynical, but if you apply that thinking to other situations, one example would be to give an average patient prophylactic antibiotics in case they catch something would be outrageously bad medicine. Of course doctors wouldn't do that, they'd wait until the patient actually had the illness first.
For some reason they think doing that with AD's is fine. AD's should only be given when necessary and with caution. They have their own set of issues they bring when you take them.

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Hi there, been a while huh... just thought Id let you know about 5HT-P (5 Hydroxytryptophan and tryptophan, which is a natural aletrnative to traditional anti-depressants.
Its better if you take it with Activated B3.
I have refused to go back on ADs after having 15 years bad experience with them and 11 different types of them as well.  

Ive been taking the 5HTP and Activated B3 for 3 weeks now and I can feel the difference.  I take 1 of each in the morning, and 2 5HTP and 1 B3 at night to kick things in, in a few weeks I will lower it to 1 of each day and night.  Then 1 of each daily.

Then I can get off the serepax as well, and just take the 5HTP with   B3.

Google it and read about it.

Ive come across lots of people with Hep C that are now trying vitamins and supplements now to help them feel good, and cope with having the virus whilst waiting for a more friendly cure.

The natural therapies do not cure hepatitis c, but they will help with other problems we are all experiencing.
Make sure that you research what vitamins and supplements you take as some can affect other medication you are on.
Certainly worth looking into, also with a healthy diet.

Hope this helps.

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I was told by a psychiatrist whose opinion I value both as an MD and a counseler, that Prozac (fluoxetine) is the easiest of the SSRIs to wean off of, if that's a consideration. Also has the advantage of coming as a cheap generic and, last I heard, was the only SSRI approved for pediatric use, so you might assume it was the safest.
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<i>[I] gotta big mouth, and maybe some people want to do that to me</i>

I'll just leave that one alone, lest I get accused of being <i><b>lewd</b></i> again...

Hey forseegal, they were watching me for depression (they didn't watch none to close to tell the truth,  but they had me keep a close eye on it). It all started because I filled out some questionaire with goofy a$$ questions like 'I sometimes worry about the future'. Holey cr@p! You just told me I have cirrhosis - be concerned when I don't worry about the future. Anyway - they offered to start me on the ADs and I waited, and never needed them. Did go and gripe to a shrink for a while.  You may well end up the same - no ADs needed, thankyouverymuch. At least now you have some experience if you do need them. Do you know which seemed to kick in fastest? I'd try to remember that one.

And keep in mind, if you do find yourself having a blue period, get some procrit ASAP - that's some serious anemia there, boy howdy....  

<small>time for me to start working on my rap i guess. <i>"Say hey baby, howzabout you gimme some of your sweet supression test. whazzup girl...you down with that?"</i></small>

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I am sorry about your depression and the current med mess.  As someone who's suffered depression for years, I've had my own med nightmares.  It took the doc's 6 months to find me the "right" cocktail, and from what I've heard, I am one of the luckier ones.  I had an especially difficult time with my depression and meds at the start of this treatment (you may remember, I remember you giving me some helpful feedback).  

In any case, I am sorry you have this added burden right now.  If you would ever like to discuss your depression and med struggle further or have me share more about mine, feel free to contact me at ***@****.  In the meantime, thanks for sharing and keep on keepin' on.  I've heard it said that "there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a train."  For what it's worth, these last several weeks have been much much better for me (now at week 14).      

All my best,

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I heard something similar about Prozac and Zoloft. They have simpler formulations, less stuff to deal with. Because of their generic status (not sure about Zoloft) neither is promoted very much. A lot more bucks to promote the newer SSRI's like Lexapro where free samples and a hot looking reps can be found in most doctor's office.
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Yes gooofy, all of us hepc women have blue periods,thats what triggers alot of us to go get checked out...thought cha knew....
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pablo picasso had a blue period.....
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Nope. Thanks for the info - one can never be too informed. I had hear of spotting before, but I always thought that would be sort of lilac and yellow polka-dots. Certianly nothing blue, or weirdness like that. Hey, what about plaid? Or is that only in the Scotts?
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Good point on Picasso. And what of van Gough? Didn't the dude cut his ear of after a blue period? And doesn't anemia cause incessant ringing of the ears? Hear that gals? Start slipping into a blue period, best to wrap your head up in some duct tape (strictly as a precautionary measure) and get thee to the procrit man.
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duct tape?? i always wrap my head with aluminum foil;cuts down on radio waves from 'out there'...voices never mentioned duct tape..wonder if they could have saved that ear with judicious application -but, would the sunflowers be as brilliant?
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wow lavender would be perfect, its a pretty color and SMELLS really good oh yeah......
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I needed no ad's prior to tx. Within the first 3-4 weeks of tx, I needed some. Paxil was 1st and I thought I would die. I too am easily sent on trips from meds. Celexa worked for me. Lexapro(which is cleaned up Celexa) did not. Post tx, I weaned off. 3-4 months later I threw up the white flag!! I needed something!!My doc put me on Cymbalta. Its the best I have seen so far. My head is pretty clear most of the time and the death wish went away. Hope this helps.

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<small><i>cueing up best Al Paccino impressions (as in Scent of a Woman)</i></small>

<b>....... Huuuu BaaaHHH!!!!</b>
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we followed v similiar path in quest of the 'right' AD...celexa is my present pill...how long did you take to 'wean off' ?? what dosage?/
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30mg to 20 to 10 to 0. Two weeks between each. My doc wanted to see me every two weeks during this period. Also he did not want me to do this but I insisted because I was 1-1/2 years post tx and figured the only way to know whether or not I really needed them was to stop taking them.I was definitely more active during this time.

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To everyone here on this thread (if anyone even ventures back here) I really appreciate all the tips I got from this thread...thanks soooo much to all of you...
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