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Any experiences with a drug called Zyprexa?

My husband is experiencing major sides of angermanagement/moods. He is on his second antidepresent called Elavil and now they are wanting to add Zyprexa to be taken with the Elavil. Lots of other sides but these seem to be the worse at the moment.

Going into his 5th month of treatment. Pretty much a struggle the entire time. Today first day back to work in weeks. Viral counts almost undetectable,  however the ALT and AST remain above the 150's. Much more to say but for now just needing feedback on this new drug they want to try.

Just saw this site yesterday and I am amazed at the amount of people experiencing so many of the same issues. I believe we both will receive a great deal of strength from knowing we're not alone.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give on this topic.
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I am 51 F genotype 1b.  I am 25/48 shots.  When I fist started tx I refused to go on rescue drugs at first.  I experienced extreme moods swings, like Physco Cybil (is what I named this personality. LOL  I finally went on Loranzepan (Ativan) it did settle things a bit but after awhile it was like I had the Indy 500 running around in me and I waited any day for my chest to bust wide open.  I finally went on Prozac.  This combination has worked for a few months now.  I do notice that on some days it still gets amplified.  Don't know if one of the doses maybe needs increasing.  Next visit I will ask and do what is suggested.  Some people here are on Paxil and it works fine for them with the chill pill.  

Sometimes they have to try different doses and sometimes different brands to find the one that will work in your system.  I do not know about the particular drug us asked about; but I am sure there is someone here that has more info or a site to give you with more info. I know it is a hard thing to say give it time and I am sure they will get the dosing right.  I am not saying kick back and let them figure it out, please do stay forceful on them finding the right dose.  And, the sooner the better for systems to reduce.

Good Luck, and keep pushing to resolve this for him.

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I forgot to mention.  DO NOT drink Caffeine.  This keeps the anxiety level down.  I have not drank any caffeine since the begining of tx.  When I do, even on the meds, I feel the anxiety level rising and usually have to take an extra Loranzepan that day.  Very seldom to I cheat on the caffeine; it really does effect the anxiety level in me alot.

The feelings I get are almost like being outside of my own body; just sitting on the side of myself.  Horrible Feeling, I do not like at all.

Good Luck,
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I used Zyprexa throughout tx as a sleep aid.  Honestly I never slept better in my life than when on Zyprexa.

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Treatment isn't a breeze and we are very prone to mood swings and "riba rage" from the meds. Also depression from the Interferon.

My doc put me on Paxill a month before treatment then when I began tx he doubled the dose. So far I've been perfectly FINE. Of course I do have the occasional "rage" flair up but that is fine since my family understands it's not me...it's the meds.

I also take Ambien 12.5CR to sleep at night and the moods are much more manageable with a good night (or at least SOME LOL) sleep.

Best of luck - if the doc advises taking it I'd SURE TRY IT! Got nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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Elavil is a pretty old school anti-depressant that is not often used as a drug of first choice these days. Zyprexa is from a newer class of drugs and many people report good results from it. Finding the right anti-depressant and the right dosage can take a lot of tinkering and patience. Many doctors who don't treat a lot of depression don't take the time necessary to find the right combo and medication level. I would question why Elavil was tried before one of the newer anti-depressants and might consider asking for a trial on Zyprexa without the Elavil. Elavil has more unpleasant side affects then the newer anti-depressants. Other commonly prescribed anit-depressants for folks treating for Hep C include Lexapro, Zoloft and Prozac (which is now available as a generic if cost is an issue.) I've also seen Geodon prescribed for some severe cases, but it is very pricey. CAVEAT: I am not a doctor or mental health provider I just happen to have a lot of professional experience working with folks who have a history of depression and/or HEP C as well as being someone who is treating for HEP C and had a long history of depression prior to treating.
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Interesting handle.

I notice your hubby has not yet cleared at 20 weeks. I'm no expert but I think some would suggest considering extending treatment. Do you feel like posting his viral load results and maybe others will have some input?
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FYI previous comment was from round2wife not round2.
Round2 is actually sleeping...lol
don't know how to change the nickname while at my home computer.
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WOW thanks so much for the responses. I don't have to tell you all you already know how I feel knowing there are others....out there,

Hubby is 47, type 1b, biopsy between 2-3, just finished 17th week of the 48 week.

12 week virals dropped to 58 from 158,951 (almost UD)

February ALT 152 AST 126

May ALT 154 AST 178 (dr felt with virals where they were that the liver functions should be in the normal range so had him test 6-1 and again 6-15.

6-1-06 ALT 79 AST 84 (finally coming down as the virals did)
6-15-06 ALT 123 AST 148 (WHY,WHY, we don't understand would they go up)

They initially had him on Lexapro a month prior to tx but didn't seem to be doing the trick post tx and switch to the Elavil approx. 3 weeks ago. (while hospitalized due to headaches and high fever 102.4) dosage dropped to 25MG last week from 50MG

While in hospital he was also placed on Neurontin 300MG because of major headaches (Scans and MRI/MRA's all were done to rule out other problems which actually created a concern that needs to be retested in 4 months of a possible anerysm that couldn't be ruled out but because too small. Based on the size they know it's not operable nor is it the cause of the headaches according to the neurosurgeon) Dosage decreased to 100MG at same time the Elavil was decreased.

Ambien was a nightmare so Lunestar was sampled and seemed to be okay but insurance doesn't cover - so today we not only picked up the Zyprexa 2.5MG but also a new sleep aid Temazepam 15MG.(Anyone have experience with this one)

As needed he takes Ultram ER 50MG to help with headaches(usually does take atleast one daily)- Phenergan for nauseu - and while in the hosp was given Dilaudid on occasion still needs to take.

Approx 10 yrs ago he went thru the interferon 3 times a week and only had a couple bad weeks in the beginning - was able to function close to 100% most all the time and NEVER had the need for rescue drugs that bring with them their own set of sides to deal with.

This 2nd time around has been a nightmare. He's been off work so many days that they equal close to 11 of the 17 weeks. While he was in the hospital he developed an infection everywhere they pricked him with the IV and ended up needing the epogen boost to help fight. His stay was 1 week....major set back but like I said in earlier post his first day back to work was today and even though it was hard he did get thru.

The reason for the new drug is because the anger/mood/irritability issues are not going away and I asked for a referal to a counciler and was given yet another drug to try. He's so sick of all these drugs - a few days ago he threw out three injections (luckily still in the box) because he was close to giving up. As hard as it was for me not to rescue the box it had to be done by him and was.

Sorry for all this babble and thanks for letting me. Any thoughts please feel free - please no new perscriptions though...lol

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Don't know about anything being under control, but thanks for the positive feed back.  

I guess we just need to continue to be patient with the different med's and hopefully come up with the right concoction of rescue drugs soon.

I have tried all different types of ways to be calming, yes it is exhausting but I will continue to try. Sometimes they work but more than not lately it seems like I'm the one holding the red flag.

We're planning a vacation in two weeks - maybe that will help.
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www.druginfo.adf.org.au. http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=3242
I hope this helps your husband. Both of my children where hep c pos and one has cleared the virus without any medical treatment at all. One stopped smoking tobacco and marijuana, no alcohol, and started drinking dandelion tea, herbal tea, water instead of soft drinks, coffee or tea. Took St Mary's Thistle herbal drops everyday. Started on a healthier diet of eating fresh fish and sushi, green leafy salads everyday with fresh herbs like paisley, basil, oregano, corriander, or thyme, and different lettuce (butter, cos, baby spinage, iceberg, bitter leaves like dandelion, rocket and radicchio, red or white onion, garlic, spring onions (shallots), advocado, with flaxseed oil, olive oil or grapeseed oil and red or white wine vinegar; small amounts of low fat rare meat, or cooked chicken and fresh vegetables for dinner everyday with whole grain or rye bread. He cut out most animal fats, cheese, milk and ate fresh natural low fat yogurt everyday instead for his dairy intake. The other still smokes, drinks a little alcohol and eats everything, is a little over weight and has not cleared the virus; white cell level is lower than normal, liver function is normal with no sign of fibro or cirrosis damage.

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