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Anybody with post tx feeling better?

Just would like to hear from anybody feeling BETTER after SVR. I seem to only read the negative responses. Please , someone come forth with GOOD news!
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Some days I feel awesome !
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I feel lots better than I did during tx and the couple of months afterwards. I'm able to start being active outside of my family with people again. I thought I'd turned into the biggest introvert, but that is going away now. I'm still slower than I used to be, but I'm hoping that will get better soon too.

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I didn't feel sick before tx after 30 years of HCV but my disease was progressing. I felt quite sick during tx. It took several months but I feel quite good again and no HCV any longer.

I have heard of many more positive responses then negative responses to svr.

best of luck to you,
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Awesome, I love a good report! I have read so very much negative. It's enough to make me not want to be on the forum. With the sx I am nervous and anxious enough so I have to be careful what I read now, Thank you for sharing some positive news, perhaps this will help me stay focused on the real goal. I was initially told that the liver immediately starts to repair soon after you start tx, now I have read that the liver doesn't heal until until aproximently a year after SVR, how do you know when you are fully recovered? Perhaps I should post this question. Carolyn
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Hey Diane! How's your brain fog and memory? Anything improved from before TX?
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Yes!!! Much better - lots of energy, happy and peppy and bursting with love.  I still have a bit of brain fog but all in all, it's all good 2 and a half months post.
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I have  not reached SVR ,having had a less than stellar attempt at treatment the first time and am waiting to treat again,however just wanted to say I fellt no long lasting ill effects from tx. and feel the same as I did pre tx. ,
Yes...we seem to read so much about the after effects of treatment ,and there is no doubt ,some struggle with these side effects however it is also a fact that very many  and I would hazard a guess the majority feel fine given some time  and we just don"t hear much from them as many of them are not here..they are  busy feeling fine...
Best to you...
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Hey Will, I see you responding to a lot of posts, it's fun getting to know people here, and seeing the drama unfold is crazy in some of these heated forums. I like the way you engage your thought in the debates/ arguments out here. Thanks for sharing with me. I seem to be spending a lot of time laying around like a bump on a pickle with my IPad in hand. This has been a blessing to have this community to ask and share with. So, if you don't mind me asking, this next time around for you...what will you do differently? Not just the meds but the whole body. Hugs, carolyn
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Failed treatment too but most definitely feel better since treating.  No residual long term or short term side effects from the interferon and the extra hepatic manifestations caused from the hepc are gone.  My quality of life is much better now.
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There's been a rash (pun intended) of threads related to the post trt effects of interferon.  As you would expect in a support forum, many come here sharing the problems they experience while going through trt.  Many who don't have problems and feel ok often don't bother posting.  We hear it, but not too often.  I sometimes wonder what impact these posts have on those just starting or considering trt.  I hope they understand that many don't have a rough time and have long lasting problems after trt.  I'm very sympathetic to those that do and hope I'm not one of them after trt.  Only time will tell, but I went into this with eyes wide open, knowing the possibilities.  
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I am only four weeks post treatment but I am feeling pretty well.  My blood counts have bounced back dramatically and my energy level is much better than it had been.  I feel stronger everyday and look forward to getting my life back.
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"how do you know when your fully recovered?"
This is a pretty subjective question so I suppose it's different for everybody.

My blood values declined severely during tx. About five weeks post tx I felt foggy, my memory was poor and I was very lethargic. I decided to start exercising and pushing myself a bit more all the time.

I started walking, then increased the pace and hills, then started riding my mountain bike and pushing myself even further. I really feel like the excercise, increased blood flow, getting my body and mind stimulated and moving really accelerated the process. after a 3-4 months I felt pretty much as I did prior to tx.

For me It was well worth having lost a year or so of my life, hopefully it will give me many more healthy years then would have been possible without tx.

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Hi there, in the last 5 years i have treated twice for a total of 134 weeks, the last time was with boceprevir added and now i am SVR. Besides being older and cirrhotic i have not had any post treatment side effects that i am aware of.

Myself i think some, NOT ALL discount the fact that we are getting older and some of the problems come due to just that, age........ And yes lately theres seems to be many  threads about post tx problems and i have my own theroy on that......... Do some have post tx sx's? Sure as with any powerful drugs one needs to use.

And i agree the ones that do have problems are going to post more then ones that don't, no reason for them to........ Good luck on going forward.
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this next time around for you...what will you do differently?
Well...hopfully SVR.. :)

My situation was a bit complicated ..having been in a blinded trial...so I won"t bore you with all that,,
I will try another type of med  and just do the best I can again to achieve success.

The reason I posted on your question here ..as  flcyclist put it so well:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  "I sometimes wonder what impact these posts have on those just starting or considering trt.  I hope they understand that many don't have a rough time and have long lasting problems after trt. "
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
and the reason you possibly see me debate sometimes here so vigorously..
is I would never like to see new folks  not treat  "only " because they are afraid of what they sometimes read here.  Again ..certainly there can be side effects to treating (and unfortunately..some long term)..these are extremely powerful drugs..they need to be to do what we are asking them to do ...kill a nasty intelligent  virus ,that can sometimes wreck havoc with our bodies.
However the possible  alternative to not treating  should never be thought of as a better scenario only because one might suffer side effects....  but that is JMO

Best Will
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Many people stop posting after they're done with tx, especially if they do feel good. They put hep C and tx behind them and go on with their lives.

Keep in mind, generally, people go onto forums to complain, not to say, everything is great.
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hi ..i hope this helps a little bit...

ive been thru 6 month of interferon and riba twice ...and both times almost immediately after tx ..i felt like a god.. i swear i had not post term sx and the virus was suppressed ... it was awesome.. ! i did relapse both times in 3 to 6 months and then i felt the typical hep c sides of depression and stuff .creeping back....but it was amazing how much better i felt.. i was in my 20/ and 30's and only stage 1 or 2 at the time so i was pretty healthy and i did exercise thru tx a moderate amount.. but  for me ..that stuff was out of my system fast ..
this time i did incivek for 12 weeks in addition and i did get evr @ 2 weeks so i'm pretty optimistic about svr ... the incivik sx did take a while to go away .. but thats gone now..
i dont know alot about long term sides ... i only have one friend who went thru tx ... he bounced back just like me and he got svr the first time..
all the best !!!
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my x wife tx 10 years ago and is doing fine....my friend up here tx last year and is feeling fine....another friend tx maybe 8 years ago and is also fine....not that everyone is but the three closest to me are having normal lives....billy
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I'm doing the Tx for the third time...guess I'm a slow learner. I felt no lasting effects from the previous 2 tries.  I'm in my 16th week of this round and have been undetectable at week 8 and 12...just did my 16 week draw Friday...side effects much more severe than the 2 previous txs. I'm also now in my 60s and have had C for more than 40 years..this is my last try for sure unless they find that 2 aspirins work....I know lots of people that have gone through it and only one that complains of never getting over the side effects of tx...you'll be fine.
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I wasn't sick before doing treatment yet my docs and I believe I had Hep C for 53 years when I was diagnosed in 2008.  I guess I did have bouts of being tired after a full work day but I passed it off as just being, well, tired.  I am now  26 months post treatment and I feel wonderful.  I'm 56, work full time, chase after 2 one year old grand daughters frequently, keep up my 1/2 acre lot, garden, lots of flowers, etc., exercise and, well...live.  Life is good.
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I should add that I felt completely rotten during treatment but I continued to work full time.  Treatment was very rough for me but it was doable.
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I love you guys. Meakea flcyclist spectra ... All of you. I'm so happy for you and proud of you. Love me some hope. Karen :)
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You guys are such a blessing to me! I appreciate all of your comments so very much. I am breathing a sigh of relief....aaaaahhhhh...yes...  feel so much better now.
  I'm so proud of you guys for hanging in their and passing down the torch. This is a race that I will win, no matter what. You empower me. THANK YOU !!!
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Yes...you can win and, yes, you will win...keep that thought going!!!
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Thank you thank you thank you for this amazing post!

This is the most up lifting thread I have ever ever read

It Made me feel sooooooooo happy and positive
And not scared about embarking on tx in 10 days

THANK YOU everybody that wrote on this thread
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