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Anyone catch the license number of that peterbuilt?

I feel like death warmed over. I took 2 xanaxs to get me thru the night and I was awake at 3am burning up with a fever and chills. Now since 6am My whole body aches, Head is splitting, Fever is 102.6 and not going down. I did manage to eat a bit so i could take my chantix but at 10 my riba is due. I hope I can eat then. Ive been guzzling juice. Doc said it was ok since water and I dont really get along.
Ibuprofen is not doing much for me. I just want to go to sleep and cant.

I hope you all had a better night than I did.
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A few suggestions for you.  Make peace with water, it's much better for you and has less sugar than juices. You can drink more water than juice and you'll be better off well hydrated.   Stop taking your temperature.  You know you have a fever any by putting a number to it you'll gauge how you fee by the numbers. Besides, there's not much you can do about it anyway.  Resist the temptation to be a couch potato, get out and get some motion in your life.  Have a cigarette.
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1 gallon of water aday will keep the sx away.. if you dont get along with water you must put some flavoring in it or something...  juice is not enough to battle sx.. Congrats on starting tx...that is how most people feel on the first shot.. hope it will get better.. I think the best time to take Riba pillls is 7:30am and 7:30 Pm or 5:00pm.. takeing the riba pills at 10pm will keep you up all night...  hope everything gets better and u have light sx and a successful tx
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"Have a cigarette."

You are a man after my own heart.  Bloody cigs have helped when all else fails.  Don't advocate smoking for anyone but at this point not going to put myself through quitting and withdrawal.
How hard can it be to quit 5 cigs a day once I'm feeling good again?  I guess I could equate it to 5 cream puffs a day which would be extremely hard to give up so when the time comes I guess I'll know who the real cream puff is eh?  

You can also take Tylenol.  It helped reduce fever better than anything else with me and it's recommended by all Hepatologists.  Try not give in to the sides. Do what you can to stay active.  I've only worked one Saturday with my current employer and that was the next day after my first shot.  Stupid me never gave it a thought.  I made it but it was miserable.  You'll get through it too.  Hang tough.   Hope you feel better soon.
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I'm sorry the Peterbilt got you!  As others have said, please do everything you can to start liking water.  I drink a minimum of 1 gallon a day and it's been a lifesaver for me during treatment.  My husband never used to drink water -- said he couldn't stand it -- until I nagged him enough to start trying.  Believe it or not, he ended up trying and he now drinks as much water as I do (and he doesn't have Hep C).   Actually, I turned my own mother into a water junkie too.  She NEVER drank water and now she loves it.

The juices are better than nothing but you are getting a lot of sugar that you don't necessarily need by getting your hydration with juice instead of water.

Best of luck to you!
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I put these little packets of lemon/lime/orange in my water.  They are called True Lemon, True Lime, etc.  I also bought a bottle of this Key Lime juice that is probably for making key lime pie, and squirt that in my jug.  I actually started doing this before Tx just because it is so much healthier than drinking diet soda all day.  Cutting caffeine can really help you at this time, because it dehydrates you.  I got myself back to 1 (big) cup in the morning, also started pre Tx.  I drink at most 2 sodas a day, and have changed my lunch one to caffeine free diet coke.  I can really feel how drying these meds are. I feel like I'm shriveling up from the inside out.  Was that your first shot?  I think I recall you posting that you were starting on Tuesday.  I felt like I got hit by a train after my first one, too, with the high fever, etc.  Happy to tell you my subsequent ones have not been even close to that one. I think I'm sleeping through the worst it, because I will sleep 10.5 hours on shot night. Good luck!
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I flavor my water with FRESH lime, lemons, or oranges.  Sometimes I take a bottle of water and drink a 1/4 of it and fill it with cranberry juice, or grape juice for flavoring.  I never use the powder mixes because they contain too much sugar or some kind of diet stuff.

Sorry your first shot didn't go well and hope you feel better int a few days.
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Studies have shown that the consumption of caffeinated drinks can be counted as water intake for the purposes of calculating proper hydration levels. Caffeine produces an insignificant diuretic effect compared to water (which is a diuretic also). When it comes to coffee in particular it has been shown to be beneficial to cirrhotics. So, if you can handle the taste on tx, brew away. But, by all means drink  caffeinated sodas if you want to and count it as water. A little boost can be useful while on tx.

The dehydrating effect of the meds is more severe for some than others regardless of the amount of water consumed. I was thirsty before I sat the bottle of water back down on the table the times I treated. Sugarless gum, lozenges, biotene dental products, even artificial saliva products,etc., can help prevent the dental problems encountered by many on or after tx due to dry mouth conditions. Staying hydrated is important for the sides, but keeping the mouth moist is very important, too.
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Yeah. I felt like I got hit by a truck on the first shot too. Take Advil for the fever. It works best.

Water, water, water. I buy my water since I won't drink what comes out of the tap. I agree with Tippyclub about using a dash of real citrus for flavor.

The water will help the headache. Really.
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That first night can rough... it will probably get better, and the turn rough again.
But you can do this!
and..... you have to drink water... no kidding... it helps so much.
I used and still use, celestial seasoning blueberry splash tea flavoring packs mixed in a bottle of water.  This are hard to find, but you can order a case online... just google.
They contain green tea (which is very good for you and has little caffeine AND they are sweetened with stevia, a substance known to lower v.l.

The best thing I found for dry mouth was Crystal light sugarless lemonade and pink lemonade hard candy (wal-mart).

Watch the xanax... it is metabolized by an enxyme know to encourage virus replication.

I took at most .125 mg of xanax when I just had to calm down as the riba really cranked me up... I also did not clear... was it the xanax or the IR???
who knows.

If you can not find or do not want to invest in a case of celestial seasoning mix, I would be glad to send you some... I got burned out on it somewhat and now mostly drink water.

remember - water, protein, and exercise... these 3 things you will not want to do, but if you do all 3 things, you will feel better.
The virus does not want you to do these things.... always do the opposite of what the virus wants.  He is one smart s.o.b.

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I had heard that you can only count 3/4 of a caffeinated beverage as going towards your water intake, so, yes, it does count. I was one of those people who drank coffee all day long, and found that when I needed a boost, it really didn't work any more.  Now that I have my one large cup in the morning, should I need a boost after lunch, a cup of coffee works. I do cheat and have a Diet Coke with lime every so often with my lunch just because it's my favorite.  I do keep iced tea (caffeinated) in my fridge at home.  I like it and believe the antioxidants are healthy.  My study suggested sour candy as being helpful if you have taste problems. I just like sour candy and that just gave me the go ahead to keep Nerds, Starburst, Sweet Tarts, etc. on hand!  Anything sweet these days is appetizing.  I think coffee has anti-oxidants, too. Interesting that it helps cirrhotics.
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Well I started after christmas trying to get myself ready for this. I cut the caffeine, never was a coffee drinker but gave up the mountain dew. The juice I started drinking is cranberry grape and I became totally addicted to it. I dont drink soda at all anymore. I did find the diet packets of the cran grape at walmart to add to water and no I cant drink tap at all either.
Ive never been a water person and hubbys dietitian (he has diabetes) told him to make sure he was filling his glass completely full with ice and that would make up for a lot of water intake. I do this with all my juice. As sick as I feel to my tummy water would be the death of me right now. but I will try when the ickie goes away..

thank you all... Catch that Peterbuilt!!
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Watch the xanax... it is metabolized by an enxyme know to encourage virus replication.

Yes, this is true and I don't think many people are aware of it.  Maybe we should start a thread about it.

Vertex called me about 8 months ago and when they found out I was taking 1 mg of  Xanax they would not let me into trial.  She asked me if I could quit "Absolutely Not " She asked me to try to reduce my dosage and I did to .5mg.  Next time they called they accepted me on the lower dosage but was told to never take more than that.  
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If you feel nauseated , please try crystalized ginger.... I hate that it has sugar but oh well... it should settle your stomach.

Another thing that ALWAYS worked for me was to eat or drink some protein.   I bought packs of turkey jerky (whch smell horrible) so don't breath, but tastes pretty good.

It would always calm my stomach.... It is counterintuitive to eat when you feel nauseated, but it works.  

The virus does not want you to eat protein, he wants you to be sick and to give up... he also wants you to eat lots of sugar so you become IR.   F*ck him!

If you have trouble sleeping, take a benydrl , or a half of one... I never found anything bad about this, other than it does tend to dry you up a little, but it is certainly a better idea than the xanax.  Just keep drinking that water.  Keep some on your night stand and everytime you wake up , drink a good amount.  i am telling you , this works.

Also, caffeine is a horrible idea as well as artificial sweetners...
caffeine stimulates your system to produce insulin, which can push you into IR.... and artificial sweetners confuse your system, which thinks you are ingesting sugar and then produces too much insulin to deal with the sugar (which is not there) and again you are looking at the possiblitliy of IR.

Juice bad!  too much sugar.
Water good.  Green tea good.

I know this is probably the opposite of what you want to do, but thats the way this virus wins.

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YEEAAHH!! That mack truck can hit pretty hard on some days. Just when you think you can't take it anymore a good day will come along and you think this is doable.  I called my days  The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. lol  What a roller coaster, but soooo worth it to reach UND.  Keep trooping, and key in when you need to vent.

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