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Anyone had WLS- now on Triple Treatment?

I am anxious to talk to any of you that have had weight loss surgery.... gastric bypass or like me a VSG known as a Vertical Sleeve.  Now on the triple treatment with Incivek and having a really tough time getting enough of the fat in my tiny stomach.  In 2010 my hep c had caused my body to become so insulin resistant that I was gaining weight in leaps and bounds.  Doctors knew that I had failed Pegasys/Riba treatment in 2003 and they wanted to save me so down the road I could attempt the new triple treatment for 1b folks that was in clinical trials at that time.  Insurance would not pay (of course) and the only surgery that could shed the extra 100 pounds safely and quickly was the VSG.  They basically removed all but a small portion of the stomach without rerouting any other organs.  So, $20,000 later, I am now healthier- lighter and can still have liver transplant should my stage 4 cirrhosis decide to become unruly.  I am on the 6th day of the new triple treatment...... sick as a dog..... wondering how in the world I can keep putting all this fat into my stomach.  Already have most of the side effects occurring and I DO REMEMBER them very well!
Anyone else have a similar situation and wants to share???
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Oy. When I was younger I weighed 198 pounds. I lost 80 of it in my mid twenties and have maintained the same weight over the years. I gained last time I treated but I lost the weight right after.

Anywho, there are lots of foods that meet the fat requirement that don't take up a lot of room and aren't processed or junk food. In fact, off hand I can't really think of anything that wouldn't fit. I am referring to things like a giant tablespoon of walnut butter, or almond butter, avocado, a handful of nuts, a couple of chunks of cheese and so on. Either way the fat requirement is gross but there is still lots of foods you can tolerate.

I reduced my carb intake considerably & increased the veggies since I was not sure how my body would respond to a drastic change in intake. It turns out I lost 13 pounds that I couldn't really afford to lose - and gained a little acid reflux in the process. I discovered I could not eat that kind of food past 10:00 at night.

You may have to do similar juggling. I know the last thing you probably feel like doing right now is experimenting but you may have to since you are likely eating the kind of food you have not had in a long time. It takes a while to get into a groove that works for you. By week 7 or so I adopted most of the ideas and suggestions I discarded in the beginning.

I am not sure why you are sick as a dog. Do you mean you cannot tolerate any kind of fat? Remember there are good fats and the lesser healthy fats. There are lots of posts related to this topic however.



One other thing is to try to remain active. By that I mean not sedentary. I had lots of blow off days when I was on the Incivek but I always felt better after I walked my dogs or did the stairmaster or even worked in the yard.
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If "sick as a dog" includes any serious nausea do phone your doctor - you don't want to be throwing up your pills! They have a great anti-nausea med called Zofran that is very effective, quick-acting, and doesn't cause much sedation (unlike all the other anti-nausea pills). The dietary requirements of the Incivek are hell for all, but it does sound like you may have it even worse than most. Good luck!
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I think the problem may be the fat itself, not necessarily the size of the portion. I am not an expert on this, but I do know that many people who have stomach size altering surgery to lose weight (and end up with a very small stomach), have a lot of trouble eating fat. They get nauseated and sometimes/often vomit when they eat fatty foods. I guess I would try to pick the smallest amount of food that would still give me 20 grams of fat. However, if it is the actual fat causing the problem, I am not sure how much that will help. Maybe eat it slowly, over 20-30 minutes.  

It is a bit interesting that the docs were unaware of this potential fat problem concerning people (you) who have had stomach size altering surgery prior to putting you on a drug that requires you to eat 20 grams of fat at least 3 times a day.

Regardless, I hope you can figure something out that works.
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