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Anyone had gout while on ribavirin?

Curious.  I'm had a flare-up, probably related to tx.  Hurts like "H".  Any ideas?
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Get  tested for RA.  I had attacks in my hands, they originally thought it was gout.  Turned out to be RA.

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flares happen...you sure it's gout...you can get build up of urea, ammonia or become insulin resistant, get a lymphatic infection, and a whole host of other gout like things.
kidneys working well??
what size are your shot welts? you can be allergic to the medium and have swelling in the area?
Is it the knee and are you injecting near it?
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Pretty sure this is gout, have had it before.  The pain is in the left ankle and toe.  Taking your advice and calling the research nurse this morning.  Thanks to you and Florida for the input.
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I had an attack of gout about 4 weeks after finishing tx. My uric acid was over 11.
Doc said it may have been due to coming off the meds.
Good luck.
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if you've had it before, and are 11 then you now it's that.

the standard wait and it'll flush isn't helpful in pain....I used to do therapeutic massage on many stroke/RA/fibro/gout people. You can self massage as well as elevate, fluids, and get on a few things, but only limited new "possible solutions" in the meds dept.

I jsut pulled up this http://health.yahoo.com/arthritis-medications/gout-medications/healthwise--aa25507.html

and as it still shows the idea that trying to get the acid out may make it show up somewhere it will do more harm still seems to apply...although 2 new promisings items in drugs coming soon.

if memory serves me, which is only occasionally does these days, lowering your protein intake will help slow the production of uric acid somewhat.

the old way used to include occasional drainage via syringe, but I still think the build up occuring in extremities is just proof that the lymphatic system is overtaxed and circulation is slow.

think of it like you would when your hands get cold, what do we naturally do? we rub them to warm them up!  the lymph fluids circulate like the blood, the urea builds up in each individual cell when the blood and lymph systems stop doing their jobs efficiently so just helping your circulation with some excersise even upper body or arm movements will help overall the fluids to start flowing and ergo being filtered more.

you can increase circulation through deep massage by almost 3 x normal rate, always push and rub towards the heart, not pulling away, as this damages blood vessels.
keep the fluids going,

I know the old school was let it just sit there, but whereever acid buids up it starts to actually digest tissue. It's basically just your foot sitting in it's own urine. So just my opinion, I think there are some judicious measures one can take, and hopefully it will settle down soon.
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My neighbor where I used to live had gout and the doctor told him to cut out red meat and it dissappeared.
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